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Valentine’s Day Grooming Tips from Expert David Pirrotta

valentines day grooming tips from expert david pirrotta
We want you to impress her this Valentine’s Day.  So, like a good wingman, we circled back with men’s grooming expert David Pirrotta who offered his tips on how to get you extra-handsome. Pulling together a great date night look doesn’t require hours of extra primping or any extreme manscaping. Just follow David’s easy grooming suggestions and you’ll be primed for getting up close and personal.

TM: It’s almost Valentine’s Day and our guys want to look good. Where should they start?

DP: You can have all the charm and good looks in the world, but if you have grubby fingernails, flaky skin, bad dandruff or stinky breath, chances are that hot Valentine’s Day date of yours is going to be a disaster. Focus on the grooming basics to ensure that even if your chat up lines let you down, your personal hygiene never will.

TM: We hear you’re a fragrance connoisseur. Is there a scent that is universally appealing? And how should it be applied as to not offend?

DP: Don’t overdo the fragrance. Scent has always been fundamental to the mating game, but in my book what you wear is probably less important as how much you wear. The best way of avoiding making a mistake is to look at fragrance the same way as your wardrobe. Fragrance is very personal. Rather than owning a bunch of colognes you pick from at random each morning, find one or two classic scents you really like and invest in them. Always choose something that suits your personality and something that none of your friends wear.

TM: It’s important to be smooth. What are your tips for getting the closest shave?

DP: You might often have been advised to shave in the direction of hair growth, but this doesn’t actually help you get a close shave. You can go against the direction of growth, but try to make as few passes with your razor as possible. If you develop any redness, rash, or ingrown hairs because of your morning shave, try shaving in the shower. After a few minutes, the hot water opens your pores and softens your whiskers more effectively than a quick splash or two from the sink. My go-to is Grown Alchemist’s Shaving Gel. It provides maximum glide for a close and comfortable shave and protects skin from irritation and razor burn leaving skin supple, smooth and soothed.

TM: How long does a beard need to get before needing special attention? What are the best products to keep it clean and in check?

DP: It takes proper care, maintenance, and a whole lot of itching-tolerance to care for your beard. Whether your beard is big or small, most of us need some help keeping it in shape. Both a comb and scissors may come in handy to trim your beard in a controlled way. It may not be as quick as trimmers, but the end result will be a carefully sculpted masterpiece. Beard oil is a must for any man with a beard. It acts as a conditioner and is helpful for younger beards that are still in the stubble phase. I like using Mayron’s Goods’ Man Oil because it helps soften the hair, avoid itchiness, and moisturizes the skin.

TM: Is there one grooming product, extra-step or service that would give our guy an edge this Valentine’s Day? 

DP: Men’s skin is around 20% oilier than women’s, so men often suffer from shiny patches, particularly around the nose and forehead. Stress and nerve endings can stimulate oil production making things even worse. Since no woman wants to see her own reflection staring back at her when she’s gazing at you, it’s worth taking a few simple steps to maintain a matte complexion. I always keep Grown Alchemist’s Matte Balancing Moisturizer: Acai-Berry & Borago on hand for emergencies. It’s mattefying and non-greasy, but still leaves combination skin looking balanced, clear and beautifully radiant.

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