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An expert reveals the 5 best men’s skincare tips for National Men’s Grooming Day

Men's skincare matters, too

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We have all seen a good Western movie. The rugged cowboy lives and navigates the plains with toughness and the essence of manliness. We also have seen what these cowboys look like after spending years out in the sun. While leathery skin may look good on the likes of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, it isn’t a great look for you. That is why men’s grooming and caring for your skin is so important. Caring for your skin is the number one way to keep looking young for years.

Keeping your skin looking great is more than just a simple routine, and because of that, we reached out to an expert to get her top five tips to keep your skin looking the best it can. Destiny Van Rooy is the founder and CEO of DOLA Skincare. And while dozens of ads may come across your Instagram daily telling you they have the hot new men’s grooming products for your skin, Van Rooy has been teaching people to care for their skin since 2018, and this is the advice she gave us.

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Men’s grooming skincare tip 1: Have a regular routine

We may have just said that caring for your skin is more than a simple routine. But the process starts with the right steps every morning and night to keep your skin healthy. ”

Your skin will only ever be as good as your skincare routine,” Van Rooy says. “There are so many skincare trends, routines, and devices available today that it can be difficult to know where to begin and confusing to figure out which ones to incorporate into your daily routine. And when something feels overwhelming, it’s easy to want to avoid it altogether. But when it comes to skincare, something is always better than nothing.”

The DOLA founder breaks her routines into five parts:

  • Cleanse: Avoid bar soaps, use warm water, and pat dry your face to avoid irritation.
  • Exfoliate: Either mechanical/physical or chemical, depending on your skin type, a few times a week.
  • Moisturize: Maintain flexibility, elasticity, and improve your skin texture.
  • Serum: Target your needs like anti-aging, dry skin, or oily skin.
  • SPF: Protect every day, even if you’re not spending a ton of time in the sun.
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Men’s grooming skincare tip 2: Keep your stress under control

Men work hard. We are hardwired to be providers and protectors. We spend most of our time worrying about our families, jobs, and anything that could threaten them. Sure, most threats to our lifestyle are unlikely to ever transpire, but that doesn’t stop us from worrying about it daily. That can cause an immense amount of stress, and according to Van Rooy, that can cause problems for your skin.

“Our skin and our central nervous system are connected,” she says about the importance of keeping your stress levels down. “They form from the same embryologic source. That is why good skin has a lot to do with what is going on inside.”

Your routine won’t do you any good if you constantly worry about things you may or may not be able to control. Wanna keep your skin looking great? Relax.

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Men’s grooming skincare tip 3: Get enough sleep

Ever heard the phrase, “Gotta get your beauty rest?” You may have heard that your whole life, but you may not know that it is very real. There are many benefits gained from getting a good, long night’s sleep. One of those benefits is that you won’t look a thing like John Wayne if you are getting good rest.

“Outer radiance begins with inner peace,” Van Rooy says. Do you know what can really cause you a lot of stress? Not sleeping enough and being less effective every day causing a vicious cycle of stress and exhaustion. Van Rooy believes that your morning routine starts the night before when you go to sleep in a sound sleeping environment and leave enough time to capture that literal beauty rest.

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Men’s grooming skincare tip 4: Be mindful of your diet and hydration

Your body is about two-thirds water. We live in it, by it, and because of it. That means it is vital to your body. Drinking water is one of the most important functions every single day, and for some reason, we neglect it almost as much as flossing. Sure, you can use moisturizers and lotions all you want. But the oldest remedy for nearly everything that feels off is still the best: Drink water.

“Moisturizing during the day is important to protect your skin against the elements and against water loss,” Van Rooy says. “But no matter how much you moisturize, nothing takes the place of a good diet and a healthy dose of water every day. The body runs on fuel, so make sure you give it the right kind.”

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Men’s grooming skincare tip 5: Protect your skin

Do you remember what the fifth part of Destiny Van Rooy’s recommended steps in the skincare routine was? SPF. You don’t have to be going to the beach or a baseball game to apply sunscreen. Sure, those are times when you absolutely need to, but a good SPF is just as good as anything else you can do to retain the integrity of your skin.

“Sunscreen must be part of your daily routine,” Van Rooy reveals. “80-90% of visible signs of aging are due to sun exposure — and UV rays penetrate through clouds.” That means that even on a cloudy day, you must put on SPF and try to keep out of the sun unless you can’t help it.

Do yourself a favor; stop neglecting your skincare. While you wear jeans and a pearl snap shirt, the leather skin of Clint Eastwood can be prevented in a lot of ways.

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