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Groom organically with Grown Alchemist

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The shift to all things organic continues with Australian skincare line, Grown Alchemist. This unisex line offers innovative, chemical-free skincare products worth adding to your everyday routine. There are some great problem-solvers in the mix. Look to them for natural solutions to some of your nagging grooming issues. Concerned about redness? How about enlarged pores? They have chemical-free concoctions for both. Using organic ingredients and natural botanicals Grown Alchemist will nurture you from the outside in. And what’s left out of these potions is just as important. They feel “many chemical-based products brimming with synthetic active ingredients and preservatives, could in fact be contributing to the aging products.” That’s something to think about. Let Grown Alchemist improve  your skin without harsh chemicals.

Using a fresh razor blade, shaving in the direction of your hair growth and softening your scruff before shaving will help you avoid razor burn. Shaving Gel: Sandalwood & Sage offers a soothing shave for all beard types. This formulation lifts the hair follicle and provides a smooth glide. Sandalwood and Coriander Seed Oil calms rashes and inflammation while Sage and Willowbank balances oil and reduces the size of your pores. You’ll feel smooth and protected.

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If you have combination oily and dry skin try following up your shave with Matte Balancing Moisturizer Acai Berry Borago.  Hydrate without looking like an oil slick with this daily moisturizer. It’s packed with antioxidants that protect skin from premature aging, it balances the skins PH level and reduces acne. It gets your complexion clear and smooth while repairing the appearance of sun damaged skin.

Nothing shows your age or reveals fatigue like dark circles and under-eye baggage. To get rid of puffiness apply Age-Repair Eye Cream: Tetra-Peptide & Centella around the eye area with your fingertips until it absorbs into the skin. This cream has Centella and soy along with essential fatty acids and Vitamins A, E and D will have you looking refreshed in no time.Who needs sleep anyway?

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