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Groom Organic With Kent & Bond

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Keep your skin healthy with these grooming products made from organic ingredients found in the great outdoors with Kent & Bond Small Batch Organic Grooming. “Simply put, everything that you scrub on, rub in, and lather up, should be as chemical free as the food you eat.” Free of harmful toxins this line has all the skin nourishing essentials and boasts being the first men’s specific line of organic personal products.

You’ll notice that most of these certified organic ingredients like bentonite clay, Shea butter, Aloe Vera and tea tree oil make multiple appearances across Kent & Bond’s offerings. Try one of these core products and Kent & Bond will donate a bar of soap to someone in need.

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Body Brick Soaps

These man-sized soaps are handcrafted in small batches. A base of vitamin rich essential oils work with natural vegetable glycerin to keep your derm hydrated with just the right amount of moisture. They lather up nice and each one has a hero ingredient. Brisk Peppermint contains peppermint extract that cools skin and kills bacteria. Charcoal Pine is a black bar infused with activated charcoal that naturally purges impurities and toxins. Forest Musk contains ground up juniper berries that act as a natural exfoliator. Sweet Cedarwood will scrub away dead skin cells and dirt utilizing Chia Seeds as a gritty exfoliator and Ultramarine’s recipe of sea salt, pumice and Litsea essential oil is inspired by the sea.

Body Wash

Avoid the mess of carting around a wet bar of soap and toss Kent & Bond’s organic Lime Herb Infusion or Peppermint Zest Body Wash into your overnight or gym bag. Lock in moisture and enjoy the spa like scents of peppermint, basil and lime.

Beard Oil

Five organic oils make up the base of the Basil Mint and Mandarin Cedar Organic Beard Oils. And while this will soften and make your beard smell great it also heals and nourishes the skin underneath. As will the soothing, all over organic Body Salve made with Shea butter, mango seed butter and beeswax.


Even if other all-natural deodorants have failed you, try this formulation. Kent & Bond’s Organic Deodorant is aluminum free and utilizes bentonite clay to kill bacteria and absorb moisture along with organic essential oils, including tea tree, which are detoxifying and stop odor. You’ll smell like a breath of fresh air!

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