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Get Handsome For The Holiday Season

holiday grooming
If you want to look your best while making the rounds this holiday season, spend a few extra minutes tweaking your grooming routine.

Whether you’re standing under the mistletoe, networking at the company soiree or bar crawling with SantaCon close the year out right. Who knows, with a little extra effort you might find yourself at the top of the nice list. The holiday party circuit is already in full swing. You’ll want to slather on these seasonally scented stylers and limited edition skin savers before ringing in the new year.

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Unless you’re Santa, you should step up your shaving game. Don’t just drag the razor across your face while speeding through your morning routine. Spend a few extra minutes pre and post shave and try a more moisturizing shaving cream to smooth up your mug. The Art of Shaving offers Peppermint Shaving Cream. It’s scented for the season with a rich, foamy, lather made from soothing essential oils and Glycerin. It will soften your beard and protect your skin from irritation$27


Not into shaving? The Bearded Bastard will pamper your facial hair with holiday spirit, no glitter required. Ho Ho Ho! is their first, limited edition beard oil made special for the holidays. It smells of cinnamon, spiced mulled cider, a Douglas fir, a roaring fire and a glass of cognac. Straight from Austin, Texas, this blend of nourishing essential oils will leave your beard touchable and soft. But beware, party goers won’t be able to resist giving your beautiful beard a tug. $20


For a modern day Blue Christmas, Elvis-style quaff reach for Mister Pompadour’s Peppermint Pomade. Work it in with your fingers, comb your hair in place and carol the night away. It has a medium hold, high shine and rinses out faster than Santa gets up the chimney. $19.50


Baby it’s cold outside. The fresh, peppermint oil in Jack Black’s “The Stick” Natural Lip Balm will freshen your kisser. Keep your lips soft and hydrated with this natural treatment packed with hydrating cocoa butter and jojoba oil. Be picky with your lip balm. Some are made with drying chemicals and synthetic fragrances that only exacerbate cracked lips. “The Stick” is free of artificial colorants and parabens. $7.50

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