Smell Like a Sea Captain (in a Good Way) with the Old Spice 80th Anniversary Capsule Collection

Have you ever noticed that certain smells conjure up very specific memories? They do! In fact, behavioral studies show that your olfactory sense can trigger vivid emotions and past experiences. Which explains why, when it comes to men’s fragrances, Old Spice has been passed down through the years. Now celebrating its 80th anniversary, the same spicy fragrance your Grandpa wore is back with a fresh whiff of citrus, wood, and musk for a new generation. For a limited time, you can walk down memory lane with this capsule collection offering antiperspirants, deodorants, and body washes. We caught up with Old Spice product development scientist, Jaime Stahl for old time’s sake.

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How do you think Old Spice became the quintessential men’s fragrance? 

No matter what corner of the world you’re in, I bet you’ve heard about (and smelled) Old Spice. It’s a longtime favorite thanks to its signature scent and famous buoy bottle, making it a guy-favorite for generations. Many may not know that Old Spice actually started as a woman’s fragrance! Building off of this initial popularity, Old Spice for Men was introduced in 1938 by adding notes of citrus, spicy clove, and creamy woods to the mix. The scent is truly a timeless classic and centerpiece for the brand and loved by men (and women) of all ages.

Are there any modern-day designer colognes that remind you of the original Old Spice?

Old Spice Original is pretty one-of-a-kind and really remains untouched by fine fragrance houses as an iconic American scent. Perhaps most connected to designer colognes is the launch of our new Old Spice Red Collection of premium scents that are actually inspired by fine fragrances … just without the fancy price tags. Guys can find the Red Collection line-up in the grooming aisle, including the anchor scent Captain. We just couldn’t help ourselves and had to give the nod to our nautical history!

How are today’s Old Spice fragrances different than the original scent? 

To many, Old Spice Original offers classic masculinity in a bottle. We’ve continued to evolve over the years by tapping the latest trends from all over the globe. On top of that, we’re super lucky to work with some of the world’s leading perfumers at [Procter & Gamble], whose expertise really comes through in our wide variety of scent offerings. From a clean, crisp, and watery scent experience featured in our new Captain scent to a scent that exudes confidence like top-selling Swagger, we truly have guys covered!

Tell us about the 80th Anniversary Capsule Collection? 

Old Spice has been helping guys navigate the seas of manhood for 80 years and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this milestone with our fans than releasing a limited edition Old Spice 80th Anniversary Capsule Collection. Featuring antiperspirants, deodorants, and body washes, the collection embraces our 80-year heritage of clean and crisp scents, with watery and citrus notes that are complemented by a rich base of wood and musk. Get it before it’s gone!

And now that you know more about the origins of Old Spice, take a look at these other old-school grooming products. You’ll be channeling your father (or grandfather) in no time.


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