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Scentsational Frank & Oak’s Balsem grooming line!

frank oak launch balsem
Clothing retailer Frank & Oak have launched Balsem, a men’s grooming line of products for your face, hair and body. The move is a natural progression for this millennial favorite already offering in-house barbershops and grooming services to its customers. Founding Frank & Oak partners, Ethan Song and Hicham Ratnani grew up in Montreal so it makes sense that this apothecary line is inspired by the crisp, Northern air and made from locally sourced botanicals. The products are unisex with a fresh scent and beautifully packaged so she’ll actually want use them. But don’t worry they are priced reasonably, just above the grooming products you would find in a drugstore, and you can replenish right from the Frank & Oak website.

Your hair needs are covered. Get clean with Balsem Shampoo. It’s super gentle on your scalp, paraban and sulfate free. It will leave your hair naturally soft and shiny with added Abyssinian Oil to nourish your hair and wheat protein to strengthen. If your look requires a strong hold with a high shine finish, choose Balsem Natural Styling Pomade. Wheat proteins, Canadian Willowherb and Echinacea Extract will keep you locks healthy and your hair in place. If you prefer a lighter hold try Balsem Natural Styling Cream. It adds texture while conditioning your hair with nourishing Shea Butter. This is a much more natural, pliable hold with a matte finish.

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This nature inspired grooming line is non-greasy and will have you looking your best with minimal effort. Balsem Face Cleanser contains Canadian Willowherb extracts that will soothe your skin and calm down redness. Like the shampoo, this gentle formulation is alcohol, paraben and sulfate free. It foams up nicely and works to remove impurities. Balsem Shave Cream will set you up for a smooth shave. It gets rid of the scruff while conditioning your skin with Canadian Willowherb, Sunflower Oil and Aloe Vera. You’re about to get even smoother. Balsem Face Moisturizer deeply hydrates with Birch Sap. This local Canadian ingredient has restorative properties that will tone and moisturize your skin.

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