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The Manual’s Dos and Don’ts for Gym Grooming

the manuals dos and donts for gym grooming lockers
Gillette-logoGetting prepped for the day at the gym is commonplace for many men. But acing the post workout gym grooming game can be difficult if you don’t keep the right brands in your gym bag or know how to TCB (Take Care of Business) in a quick and productive manner. We’ve partnered with Gillette to provide you with some tips to get from the weight room to the conference room while looking like a champ.


  • Use generic products provided by the gym. Unless you go to a seriously swanky gym with high end products. Most of the gyms we know stock cheaper products high in alcohol that will do a world of damage to your face and dry out your skin.
  • Use just any razor, bring your own.
  • Bring your gear in a shopping bag. Dude, you are old enough to own a proper gym bag.
  • Take selfies in the locker room! We see these creep up on Instagram, we know who you are.
  • We all don’t need to know what song you have stuck in your head. Thanks.



  • Bring 3-5ml bottles of your favorite products. No need to haul your entire bathroom to the gym, hobo style.
  • Carry a bag that is stylish yet laid back (no logo bags up in your stanky gym locker). We are fans on bags from Hudson Sutler.
  • Don’t rush! Bulldozing through your workout, shower, shave and getting dressed defeats the purpose of giving yourself this magic alone time. Think of your grooming time as yoga for your face.
  • Pack a quality dopp kit. You are better than Barbasol.

Dopp kit requirements include:


Shaving at the gym

Guys can blow through a quick shave and it shows. Cheap razors and shave products can do some serious damage to your face from nicks and cuts to dry skin.

  • Always bring your own razors. Gillette’s Shave Club offers quality razors delivered to your home on a monthly basis so you are never out of stock. As soon as we receive ours, we put two immediately into our gym kit.
  • Use shave oil. Unlike creams which can be both big and bad for your face (plus the generic ones have too much alcohol), shave oils come in small portions and with just a couple of squirts, can cover the face, give a great, smooth shave and leave you hydrated.
  • Moisturize at the office. This sounds weird but think about it- you work out, take a hot shower and then speed off to work. Most likely you are still sweating when you get to your desk. So whip out your moisturizer (discreetly!) an hour after work and apply as needed. It will give you a little pick me up, too.
  • Bring a water bottle, because we know you speed through your grooming routine only to wait in line at Starbucks. Or even bring a thermos with your libation of choice, from home brewed coffee to good ole H2O.

Added bonus: When you sign up with the Gillette Shave Club, refer your friends here and get some awesome rewards!

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