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Cator Sparks

Cator Sparks

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Cator Sparks was the Editor-in-Chief of The Manual from its launch in 2012 until 2018. Previously, Cator was covering menswear, grooming, lifestyle, and design for a variety of publications, including The New York Times, Details, Vanity Fair, Style, and The Huffington Post, to name a few. Cator splits his time between his apartment in Harlem and his home in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, where he escapes with his Scottish Terriers for Southern sojourns and excellent cuisine. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Cator’s work.

cuban cars pastel pink cuban car with passersby

Classic Cuban Cars to Take You Back in Time (Photos)

While we knew Cuba was known for its abundance of classic American cars,  nothing quite prepared us to witness these behemoths barreling down grand avenues and marauding along the famous Malecón. After a trip to the island country, we brought back photographic evidence of these impossibly cool Cuban cars.
Sporting Clay Gun

Shooting Sports: 6 Pro Tips to Make You a Better Shot

The Manual went to Brays Island Plantation in South Carolina to get a basic introduction to shooting sports and learn some pro tips from Justin Rhoten, a NSCA Level II instructor.
best historic hotels in the world sea island resort aerial v2

6 Historic Hotels With Pasts as Amazing as the Amenities

There are few place where you can truly visit the past like a historic hotel. These grand luxury lodges have hosted royals, politicians, and celebrities for centuries, and there is nothing quite like ordering a martini in the same bar as Hemingway.
mens formal spring summer fashion brooks brothers screenshot 1

The Best Men’s Formal Spring and Summer Fashion (Video)

This is your guide to formal men's spring and summer style. We visited Brooks Brothers, one of our favorite menswear stores, to see what's in this season and get some suggestions.
brooks brothers tie factory red tie with blue stripes hand made

200 Years of of Dressing Dudes: A Tour of the Brooks Brothers Tie Factory

Brooks Brothers makes all of their ties in one factory in Long Island City, New York. A few years ago, we made a trek out there to see it in action and came away with a better understanding of how something so mundane as a tie can be quite complicated to create.
mens casual spring summer fashion lizard lounge floral denim feature

The Best Men’s Casual Spring and Summer Fashion (Video)

This is your guide to casual men's spring and summer style. We visited Lizard Lounge, one of our favorite menswear stores in Portland, Oregon, to see what's in this season. No fanny packs allowed!
between harlem and heaven cookbook 7

‘Between Harlem and Heaven’ Brings Afro-Asian-American Flavors to Your Kitchen

"Between Harlem and Heaven" is, first and foremost, a cookbook. However, it reads like a culinary celebration of Manhattan's most soulful neighborhood.
athens, georgia

The Manual Awards 2018: Athens, Georgia

Ever since Hugh Acheson, opened the Five & Then, melding Southern food with French and Italian influences, Athens, Georgia has come into its own. And we found the best of it.
things to do in sedona arizona

How to Satiate Your Senses in Sedona, Arizona

The unique beauty of Sedona, Arizona, confronts you unexpectedly. Here are the best restaurants, bars, hotels, destinations, and activities to check out on your next visit.
The Modern Huntsman Hunting Magazine

‘Modern Huntsman’ May Change Your Perspective on Hunting

'Modern Huntsman' is a publication with a mission to improve the perception of hunting in our society through telling honest stories in a fresh format.
Tu restaurant Charleston

Tu, Charleston, South Carolina’s Best New Place to Eat is Too Good

Charleston's latest restaurant, Tu, goes for a global vibe, which is a welcome relief from the standard shrimp and grits of this Southern-Fried city.
ny fashion week 2018

Our Eight Favorite Shows from New York Fashion Week 2018

We recap eight of our favorite shows from New York Fashion Week 2018 along with six must-buy trends we saw bombing down the runways.
how to tie a bow tie

How to Tie a Bow Tie: A Video Guide to the Best Bow Tie

Alex Wilcox, founder of Lord Willy’s haberdashery in New York City, teaches us how to tie a bow tie. Watch the video or follow our easy, step-by-step visual guide.
travel guide marrakech morocco menara pavilion and gardens  marrakesh getty images v2

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Marrakech, Morocco

From the dizzying markets to Atlas Mountain adventures, The Red City offers ample enjoyment and a whole lot of mint tea. We've gathered a list of the best things to do, places to stay, and delicacies to enjoy when visiting Marrakech, Morocco.
dinner jacket

Dress to Impress this New Year’s Eve in a Classic Dinner Jacket

Whether you're attending a black-tie affair or watching the ball drop, there's one versatile jacket that you can wear to any occasion: the dinner jacket.
last minute gift ideas

Our Top 10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas to Shop by Green Monday

Green Monday: It's your last day to order gifts before Christmas, dude! Here are some last-minute gift ideas to shop online. We got the family covered.
amazon goodthreads brand

Amazon’s Amazin’ In-House Brands for Guys are Making Us Very Happy

Amazon Essentials, Buttoned Down, and Goodthreads are great-looking labels with incredible price points and a wide variety of men's basics.
meghan markle

A Gift Guide for Gals by ‘Suits’ Star (and Future Royal) Meghan Markle

As a guest contributor to The Manual, Meghan Markle outlines a swoon-worthy gift guide for the ladies in your life.

The Original Jersey is 14 Miles from the Coast of France

The Bailiwick of Jersey in the Channel Islands is little known to Americans but is a beautiful bastion of serious seafood, enthralling hikes and cozy hotels
State Bags

STATE Makes a Statement by Donating Backpacks to Kids in Need

For every STATE bag purchased, the NewYork-based brand hand-delivers a backpack full of essential tools for success to a child in need.
deer hunting

Hunting and Controlling the Exploding Deer Population in North America

Deer hunting is an important component of managing the increasing herds of deer in North America, especially the United States.
beards booze and bacon

Introducing The Manual Podcast: ‘Beards, Booze, and Bacon’

In our first-ever podcast, we discuss the history of The Manual, the total solar eclipse, our adventures in Scotland, and a journey along the Bourbon Trail.
The Halyard Sunset, North Fork

To Hell with the Hamptons: Stay in North Fork, Long Island Instead

While the nearby Hamptons are full of VIPs and velvet ropes, North Fork, Long Island is all farms and vineyards. Here are our favorite places to visit.
rarebit infield punch cocktail

Jalapeño Honey is What Gives the Infield Punch Cocktail a Kick (Recipe & Video)

Rogan Elliott at The Rarebit in Charleston, South Carolina, created the Infield Punch cocktail using rum, banana liqueur, and jalapeño-infused honey.
Blamo fashion podcast Jeremy Kirkland

Blamo! The Men’s Fashion Podcast You Need to be Listening to Right Now

The Manual chatted with Jeremy Kirkland, creator of the new Blamo! men's fashion podcast, about how he got started and who he is interviewing next.
through the garden cocktail

Through the Garden Cocktail’s Key Ingredient is Red Bell Pepper (Recipe & Video)

Bar manager Justin Simko at Husk in Charleston, South Carolina was challenged to make a drink with red bell pepper. The result? Through the Garden cocktail.
bossa nova baby cocktail

Bossa Nova Baby Cocktail Was Made for Day Drinking (Recipe & Video)

Kevin King of McCrady's Tavern in Charleston, South Carolina, explains the backstory to his favorite beverage for day drinking: the Bossa Nova Baby cocktail
alternative snacks cocktail at Ink n Ivy

Alternative Snacks Cocktail Has an Unusual Ingredient We Love (Recipe & Video)

The bar team at Ink N Ivy created the Alternative Snacks cocktail, which features a surprising but delicious ingredient: salted dill oil.
bourbon cocktail recipe from swig n swine, bourbon cocktail

Big Bubba Bourbon Cocktail Pairs Perfectly with Pig (Recipe & Video)

The folks at Charleston's Swig & Swine barbecue restaurant have shared their Big Bubba bourbon cocktail recipe, which pairs perfectly with pork.
Gold Toe Socks

Giveaway! 52 Free Pairs of Gold Toe Socks

Since 1919, Gold Toe Socks has been making high-quality socks at an affordable price. Now they would like to give away 52 pairs to a lucky reader.
jordi whitworth worn out wednesday

U.K. Pop Singer Jordi Whitworth on Going from ‘The X Factor’ to a Solo Music Career

British pop singer Jordi Whitworth talks with The Manual about his budding acting career, his rise to fame on The X Factor, and his personal style.
the zombie cocktail

The Zombie, a Rum-Based Cocktail, Will Set Your Party on Fire (Recipe and Video)

We asked Paul Yellin, owner of Cane Rhum Bar in Charleston, South Carolina to teach us how to make his very potent drink, The Zombie cocktail.
eclipse 2017

A Fond Farewell to The Great American Eclipse 2017 from Charleston, South Carolina

Here is a recap of our amazing experience on the Carolina Girl yacht in the Charleston Harbor witnessing the Great American Eclipse 2017.
eric chang

Eric Chang, an Artisan that Creates Furniture While Wearing Three Piece Suits

Eric Chang, partner in luxury furniture brand, Hellman Chang, is well respected in the design world both for his work and personal style.
Will Bennet

From Luxury Developer to Humanitarian, Will Bennett Does it All

Will Bennett is a young, stylish real estate exec who, at 32, has quickly made a name for himself as a five-star luxury developer.
Stacey Jones Worn Out Wednesday

Stacy Jones from American Hi-Fi is Still Jamming Up a Storm

Today we hear from Stacy Jones who is currently the musical director and drummer for Miley Cyrus and others speaks to us about his personal style.
JB's Alcoholic Ice Cream PROOF Chocolate Bourbon

JB’s Proof Answers Our Prayers with Alcoholic Ice Cream

South Carolina based JB's Proof has figured out a way to make alcoholic ice cream and it is our favorite dessert. We interviewed the owner to learn more.
Luke Guldan

From Body Building to Gossip Girls, Luke Guldan Flexes his Acting Muscle

Luke Guldan has been a competitive body builder and is now focusing on acting. He speaks to us about the acting world as well as his personal style.
Filson and U.S. Forestry Service Putting Out Fires

Filson and the U.S. Forest Service Collaborate to Raise Awareness About Forest Fires

Filson has been hard at work forging a partnership with the U.S. Forest Service to raise awareness of forest fires with everything from tees to mugs.
echo kellum

Actor Echo Kellum of The CW’s “Arrow” Talks his Evolving Personal Style

Chicago born Echo Kellum moved to LA and is now a rising star on Netflix and the CW. He tells us more about his personal style and daily routine.
manual meet up los angeles 2017 the 2

The Manual Meet Up Los Angeles: Pizza and Peronis!

Last Thursday, The Manual Meet Up hosted a group of good friends for drinks and Pizzanista slices at Tony's Saloon in downtown Los Angeles.
John Ashworth golf clothes

John Ashworth Got Golfers Out of Those Damn Plaid Pants

John Ashworth is an icon in the golf apparel industry and has launched a line of golf clothes for the younger generation.
Huntsman Opens NYC Shop

Iconic Savile Row Tailor, Huntsman, Opens New York City Shop, Saving Suit Shoppers a Trip Across the Pond

If you want a Savile Row made suit but can't get to London, Huntsman has opened a shop in the heart of Manhattan for all of your suiting needs
bird pie, Game Bird Pie

How to Make a Hearty, Southern Game Bird Pie

We spent an afternoon with Chef Ron Andrews to learn how he makes a rich and and heart game bird pie for the hunters at Brays Island.
Aaron Kirman LA real estate agent

Aaron Kirman, LA’s top Real Estate Agent, on His Personal Style

Aaron Kirman, President of Aaroe Estates at John Aaroe Group, is one of the leading real estate agents in the US & has repeatedly been named Top Agent in LA
wearing a tie, how to pair a tie with the correct collar

Style Skills: How to Pair a Tie with the Correct Collar

Ties and collars come in a wide-variety of shapes and sizes. Look like you know what you're doing and learn how to pair a tie with the correct collar.
University of Viginia

Cavorting in Cavalier Country: The Best of Charlottesville, Virginia

While Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello is the scene-stealer here for obvious reasons, Charlottesville has a bounty of offerings.
Savannah, Georgia

Find the Soul of the South in Savannah, Georgia

We found the best eats, drinks, and things to do in Georgia's Garden City of Savannah. From Civil War sites to Antebellum squares, Savannah has it all.
Alexandre Douzet and Ollie Dog

Alexandre Douzet’s Fat Dog Changed his Career Path for the Better

Alexandre Douzet is the co-founder of the healthy dog food company, Ollie. He shares his career path and personal style with us today.
Luke Ditella London

Instagram’s Favorite Bearded Gent, Luke Ditella Talks Up his Five Favorite Cities

Model and avid traveler, Luke Ditella, took the time to tell us about his five favorite travel destinations as well as his grooming regime.