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feel good friday stower charges phones fire

Feel Good Friday – Stower Charges Phones with Fire

Launched in 2012 by Andy Byrnes and Adam Kell, this contraption charges your phone, go pro, flashlight (whatever has a USB) through your campfire.
worn wednesday dru ortega

Worn Out Wednesday – Dru Ortega

Today we speak to the Associate Vice President, Public Relations Manager at Christie’s, Dru Ortega about his personal style.
new york fashion week show recap hickey freeman

New York Fashion Week, Show Recap: Hickey Freeman

new york fashion week show recap lucio castro luis

Lucio Castro’s Fall/Winter Collection Recap

feel good friday esperos

Feel Good Friday – ESPEROS

ESPEROS (which means ‘hope’ in Spanish) is a handsome brand of bags that gives back.
barbecue whiskey wine time charlestons food festival charleston

Barbecue, Whiskey and Wine? It’s Time for the Charleston Wine & Food Festival

In honor of the upcoming event we interviewed four epic participants from around the nation to hear what they have in store for the festival and what they are most looking forward to doing in the Holy City. Hint: Lots of drinking.
worn wednesday sam talbot

Worn Out Wednesday – Sam Talbot

Sam Talbot is a chef, author, philanthropist and television personality based in Brooklyn, New York
feel good friday reef redemption

Feel Good Friday – Reef Redemption

One feel-good factor at Reef is the Reef Redemption program they started in 2007 comprised of products, a culture of giving (to funds and causes), and in-house efforts.
worn wednesday eric bandholz

Worn Out Wednesday – Eric Bandholz

Today we speak to BeardBrand’s main man, Eric Bandholz.
giveaway pierrepont hicks tie

Giveaway: Pierrepont Hicks Tie

The people behind Pierrepont Hicks are good friends of ours and after a couple of beers we decided we needed to do a giveaway together.
feel good friday wellpath

Feel Good Friday – WellPath

Launched recently in September of 2014, WellPath is working to make taking vitamins a part of everyone’s daily routine and eliminating the piles of unused bottles of product we buy and then shove in the back of our bathroom drawers.
manuals collaboration moore giles

The Manual’s Collaboration with Moore & Giles

For our second collaborative project we are excited to have worked with Virginia based leather company, Moore & Giles.
worn wednesday aaron ruff

Worn Out Wednesday – Aaron Ruff

Today we speak to Digby & Iona founder Aaron Ruff.
feel good friday dom vetro glasses

Feel Good Friday – Dom Vetro

Dom Vetro is bringing work back to eyewear craftsmen in the Italian Alps.
worn wednesday charles smith

Worn Out Wednesday – Charles Smith

Today we speak to rock n’ roll wine maker Charles Smith.
feel good friday brotherhoodofthetravelingpants

Feel Good Friday -@BrotherhoodoftheTravelingPants

This is the story of a group of dudes who partnered with vineyard vines for one epic adventure for a good cause.
worn wednesday reinaldo leandro

Worn Out Wednesday – Reinaldo Leandro

Today we speak to the interior designer and architect, Reinaldo Leandro.

Feel Good Friday- Mountainsmith

worn wednesday justin giunta

Worn Out Wednesday – Justin Giunta

Today we speak to artist and jeweler Justin Giunta
feel good friday cork forest conservation alliance

Feel Good Friday – Cork Forest Conservation Alliance

The Cork Forest Conservation Alliances raises awareness of the amazing Mediterranean cork forests.
worn wednesday cobi levy

Worn Out Wednesday – Cobi Levy

Today we speak to entrepreneur Cobi Levy about his career and personal style
feel good friday gorilla wax

Feel Good Friday – Gorilla Wax

Oliberte launches an all natural wax to waterproof all of your gear while helping workers in sub-saharan Africa.
worn wednesday leo robitschek

Worn Out Wednesday – Leo Robitschek

Today we speak to one of New York’s most buzzed about bartenders, Leo Robitschek.
feel good friday sydney hale candles

Feel Good Friday – Sydney Hale Candles

Sydney Hale Candles offers up scents guys can be proud to burn and donate a percentage of profits to Lost Dog Rescue.
worn wednesday phil colon 940

Worn Out Wednesday: Phil Colón

Today we speak to Phil Colón, Founder and President of Project 2050 to hear more about his career and personal style.
manuals debut collaboration kiriko

The Manual’s Debut Collaboration with Kiriko

We are excited to introduce our readers to our very first collaboration with Portland based Kiriko.
feel good friday thrive market

Feel Good Friday – Thrive Market

Enter Thrive Market, the first socially conscious online store selling natural and organic products at wholesale prices.
worn wednesday eneuri acosta

Worn Out Wednesday – Eneuri Acosta

Today we speak to Cadillac’s Lifestyle and Luxury Communications Manager, Eneuri Acosta
dog lovers gift guide

Dog Lovers Gift Guide

We know buying presents for friends and family can be a stress. But there is one group we love buying for, our dogs.
feel good friday macana messenger bags

Feel Good Friday – Macana Messenger Bags

Chicago based Allegory is working with Ecuadorian weavers to produce artistic linings for it's new line of messenger bags.
gift guide six 100

Gift Guide: Six Under $100

worn wednesday john peabody

Worn Out Wednesday – John Peabody

Today we speak to New York based journalist John Peabody
vineyard vines opens two new stores takes instagram

Vineyard Vines Opens Two New Stores and Takes Over Our Instagram

To celebrate these two store openings, vineyard vines is taking over our Instagram for three days starting today.
feel good friday sword plough

Feel Good Friday – Sword & Plough

Sword & Plough is a quadruple bottom line bag company that works with veterans to repurpose military surplus fabric into stylish bags.

Worn Out Wednesday – Jeff Owens

Today we speak to Jeff Owens, winemaker at Odette Estate in Stags Leap District, in California’s Napa Valley.
shop class george bass

Shop Class – George Bass

New Orleans suit expert George Bass tells us about soft shoulder suits.
feel good friday ultimate american sock

Feel Good Friday – The Ultimate American Sock

Inspired by the heritage of the West, United by Blue has made The Ultimate American Sock. Why? - Because the nation’s spirit animal is involved, the great American Bison.
worn wednesday brett kincaid

Worn Out Wednesday – Brett Kincaid

Today we speak to Brett Kincaid, partner in the creative agency, Matte.
feel good friday harmless harvest

Feel Good Friday – Harmless Harvest

worn wednesday peter baston

Worn Out Wednesday – Peter Baston

Today we speak to Peter Baston, one of the co-founders of a new branding agency called Paradise, about his career and personal style
feel good friday naadam

Feel Good Friday – Naadam

Micro economic development mixed with Mongolian cashmere goats equals a new sustainable brands called Naadam
giveaway haspel x ao eyewear limited edition aviators

Giveaway- Haspel x AO Eyewear Limited Edition Aviators

This fall, Haspel turns 105 years old. To commemorate the milestone, the iconic men’s brand is collaborating with four heritage brands that share a similar focus on small-batch craft, U.S. manufacturing and refined, contemporary style.
worn wednesday john odonnell johnnie o

Worn Out Wednesday – John O’Donnell

Today we speak to John O’Donnell, the founder of the West Coast lifestyle brand johnnie-O
feel good friday empire apothecary moto tee shirt

Feel Good Friday – Empire Apothecary Moto Tee

Empire Apothecary has created a t-shirt to help support the Fallen Riders Memorial Fund.
worn wednesday eric villency

Worn Out Wednesday – Eric Villency

Eric Villency is the CEO of Villency Design Group, a company founded by his grandfather. Today he speaks to The Manual about his career and personal style.
feel good friday ace rivington

Feel Good Friday – Ace Rivington

Ace Rivington is a new menswear line that just launched the most comfortable sweatshirt you have ever put on.
worn wednesday romain roth roman

Worn Out Wednesday – Roman Roth

feel good friday billiam jeans

Feel Good Friday – Billiam Jeans

Bill Williams makes quality jeans out of Greenville, South Carolina with a percentage going to help fight sex trafficking in America.
worn wednesday justin noel

Worn Out Wednesday – Justin Noel

Today we speak to bartender par excellence Justin Noel to learn more about his career and personal style.
feel good friday patagonia truth materials

Feel Good Friday – Patagonia Truth to Materials

Patagonia launched a new capsule collection called Truth to Materials