Stay Hairy This Summer with These Summer Beard Tips from Eric Bandholz

summer beard tips

It’s summer! It’s finally hot outside! It’s time for inner tubes, beer coozies, and . . . beards?

While the summer heat may deter some of you guys from keeping that beard, we spoke to Beardbrand founder and beard champion, Eric Bandholz, and you may just want to reconsider.

Mr. Bandholz has some summer beard tips that can help us stay hairy yet comfortable in hot weather.

While many of you may think, heat = shaving the beard, hold those clippers!

The beard can essentially protect your neck from the sun and actually deflect heat (if it is of the longer variety).

If you decide to cut your beard down a hair (so to speak), always use beard oil. The oil penetrates through the beard to the skin and keeps you from drying out. Basically, beard oil is good all year round.

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Eric’s Top Summer Beard Tips:

  • In the summer we all tend to get a little stinkier in the heat, so be sure to up the beard-washing routine.
  • Wash with a high-end all-natural wash or shampoo.
  • Just like washing your hair, washing your beard can strip the hair of healthy oils and it will need to be rehydrated. Be sure to follow up with a beard softener.
  • Now for a real hirsute inner circle tip: Keep a spray bottle of water near you at all times. When you get a little hot, spray your beard for some instant A/C!

Summer is no excuse to shave it off, so follow these simple summer beard tips and your beard will thank you for it.

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