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Feel Good Friday – Jonas Paul Eyewear

File this under ‘cute as hell’ and ‘why didn’t I think of that’. Jonas Paul is the first kids’ eyewear line on the market  that has an excellent aesthetic and an awesome charity angle.

We know, kids are kids, but they all may not enjoy the 80s mix of eyewear out there in neon colors. And hello, it’s much more fun to have frames that look like daddy’s, right? Jonas Paul Eyewear came into existence when Ben and Laura Harrison’s son was born with a visual impairment in March 2013. Disappointed with the frames on the market, they decided to create their own in his name.

Jonas Paul
Jonas Paul Image used with permission by copyright holder

Jonas Paul has frames for children 4-12 that come in both optical and sunglass lenses and feature   the ever so cool black or tortoise shell. The Harrisons also created another very savvy concept, The Jonas Paul Club. We know that kids are epic destroyers of anything fragile (oh the joys of testing our glasses in a sling shot!) so for $35 a year parents can join the club and receive 50% off four additional frames a year.

Since the brand is sold online only they cut out middle man costs so frames are much less expensive than what you may find in optical stores (they retail for $79). Also, if you have picky kids, you can order as many frames as you like for them to try on and simply send back the ones  they don’t like. Prescriptions can be filled at any optical shop. There is also free shipping for purchases and returns. Sweet.

And it gets better. For each pair of glasses purchased, Jonas Paul gives support to CBM International, a charity that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities. Their partnership provides corrective eyeglasses for children, anti-parasitic medicines to prevent Onchocerciasis (also known as river blindness), and cataract surgeries for both children and adults.

So if your kids need an upgrade in the eyewear department, here is your spot to help your kids and the less fortunate.

Jonas Paul
Jonas Paul Image used with permission by copyright holder

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