Vice + Food Trucks + The Sussman Brother’s = Awesome Foodie Mayhem

Max& Eli Sussman for Vice
We love food trucks, we love the Sussman Brothers (that pear tart from their new cookbook had our boozy dinner crew begging for more) and we love the antics of the Vice crew. So when we started watching Truckers in the Wild on their site we  had to share.

The series premiered in April and you can see all of the episodes so far here. The six-part series follows Max and Eli Sussman as they gad about New York City, Nashville, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia. Together, the brothers meet the trucks in their natural habitat and then drive with them out of their comfort zone to see how they stand up in a completely unnatural environment. Please, please sit back and observe the cupcake truck experiment at a metal concert in Brooklyn. We have never heard the words  ‘F*ck’ and ‘Cupcake’ said together with such joy and gusto.

Check out the debut today of their Las Vegas episode where the boys hang out with Haulin Balls, a meatball truck run by two guys from Boston and New York. Apparently they are known for ‘traditional Italian meatballs made from an old family recipe to things that were never in a ball before’. Together they will explore old Vegas meeting locals and sharing meatballs with all they encounter.

Hellmann’s is the lead sponsor of this zany series so look out for mayonnaise reaching hipster cult status shortly.


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