Worn Out Wednesdays – Ben Pundole

Lots of people throw around the term ‘Jet Setter’ to make them sound terribly important or entirely unavailable but British tastemaker Ben Pundole can rightfully claim this title, no ego attached.

Pundole is the Vice President of Brand Experience at Edition Hotels, a new venture by Marriott and creative guru/hotelier Ian Shrager. Edition Hotels has ten hotels in the pipeline, the first opening in London in September followed by Miami and New York.

“Editions is my wife, my mistress is ‘A Hotel Life,” Ben tells us with a laugh. A Hotel Life is an editorial/review site geared towards the creative community (DJ’s, chefs, designers, artists) that celebrates lifestyle hotels around the world.

Needless to say, Pundole has to dress for very long days and journeys so we sat down with the recent birthday boy to hear how he pulls it off.

When it comes to dressing up and down my go-to is J.Crew mixed with vintage pieces as well as some Rag & Bone and Rogan thrown into the mix. BLK DNM and Saturdays are also brands I lean towards.

On a more formal occasion I have a great Rag & Bone suit jacket, bow ties from Bergdorf Goodman’s in-house label, and my tuxedo is from Boss. I’ve had it for years and I love it.

I tend to like lots of vintage shoes and boots but Quoddy’s are a favorite too since they are handmade and very artisinal.

For travel I make sure I am somewhat presentable and comfortable. Always a button down,  never sweatpants! It is really hard to keep fit while traveling all the time but I have started making a concerted effort and bought a pair of light weight Nikes. I crossed over to the dark side and bought real gym shorts from Nike too.  I am doing the Brooklyn half marathon for charity so these will come in handy.

My one piece of jewelry is a 1958 Rolex. I bought it in London and I love it because it has an unusual bevel and is very understated.  And as for sunglasses I juggle between my Ray Ban Black Clubmasters and the Leonard Matte Black from Illesteva.

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