Catching Up with Threads and Fins

As we mentioned yesterday, surfing is reaching new found popularity the sport hasn’t seen since the 50s. We wonder if it is a reaction to all the technology in our lives that has kept our heads down and fingers swirling opposed to taking a deep breath and finding our groove back in nature. Regardless, it’s a good thing.

San Clemente based surfer, Matt Parker has been riding this wave for eleven years now with his custom order board company, ALBUM Surfboards. They have sent boards around the world to clients from Nicaragua to Nova Scotia.

Recently he teamed up with some friends to launch an online/pop up showroom and blog, Threads and Fins in Newport Beach, Ca. The site carries some hard-to-find lines as well as showcasing original surf photography and stories.

We rang up Matt to hear more about this new adventure.

Did you grow up surfing? 

I grew up about 20-30 minutes from the beach; I got my first “real” surfboard when I was 12. I played in the sand and boogied before that. Later I took the city bus to the beach until my older brother got his driver’s license, which allowed us to go as much as we possibly could – before and after school, weekends, etc.

What is a highlight from your surfing career? 

Besides going to lots of beautiful, unique places to surf, probably taking my little kids surfing and experiencing the joy of seeing them get to their feet and shred.

What makes your boards different than others? 

For the most part, we only do custom boards. So almost every board we make is tailored specifically to the rider who ordered it.  We find out what is going to allow them to have the most fun in the unique environment and conditions that they surf? What’s going to allow them to maximize their ability? We customize for beginners to lifelong, serious surfers. For me, it’s about going fast and having a magic experience in the water – that’s the goal.

Is Threads and Fins your concept? 

Threads and Fins is something that a few friends, Mike Townsend, Billy Stade, Nathan Harris and I developed as a different type of surf/lifestyle shop experience. Growing up around surf culture forever, we just wanted something different. Very non-traditional, not clichéd – but more romantic and adventurous I think. It’s all about interesting stories, people, content, unique handcrafted products, emerging brands, showcased in a less traditional way.

Give us your top five surf spots in the US.

  • Trestles, San Diego County, California
  • Rincon, Puerto Rico
  • Blackies, Newport Beach, California
  • Oceanside Harbor, California
  • Ruggles, Rhode Island.

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