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feel good fridays sperrys sea project the

Feel Good Fridays – Sperry’s The Sea Project

In it’s second year, Sperry's The Sea Project is an on-going series of culturally-driven projects that are focused on major ocean love.
16389 the pop up flea

Boo Ya Britain:The Pop Up Flea Hits London

The Pop Up Flea opens this Friday in London
worn wednesday shorty maniace

Worn Out Wednesday – Shorty Maniace

The Manual speaks to iconic barber Shorty Maniace about his style and new barber shop. JP Kempt
ardbeg whisky world rocket

Ardbeg Whisky Is Out of This World

get em quick simon miller bergdorfs replica s

Get ’em Quick! Simon Miller at Bergdorf’s

Simon Miller launches a limited edition denim at Bergdorf Goodman
feel good friday belvedere red

Feel Good Friday – (Belvedere) RED

Belvedere partners with RED for a limited edition vodka to raise money for HIV charity in Africa
baxter x retaw car air freshner galactic cedar

Baxter x RetaW Car Air Freshener

Baxter of California collabs with RetaW to create a modern car air freshener
worn wednesdays henri richter werner

Worn Out Wednesdays – Henri Richter-Werner

We speak to Henri Richter-Werner from Connor NYC about his personal style.
bargain fever never pay full price anything

Essential Reading: Bargain Fever

Mark Ellwood offers us bargain tips from his latest book- Bargain Fever
worn wednesdays hugh horner

Worn Out Wednesday – Hugh Horner

The Manual interviews Southern Chef Hugh Horner of Helsinki about his personal style.
cottage opens miami

Cottage Opens in Miami

A boutique called Cottage opens in Miami specializing in menswear.
urban electric celebrates 10 years david dawson

Urban Electric Celebrates 10 Years

Urban Electric is celebrating 10 years of business. We sit down with the founder David Dawson to hear how it all began and where it is going
ball buck pop boston and up

Ball & Buck Pop Up in Boston

Ball & Buck hosts a Made in America Pop Up Shop in Boston
introducing alex mill

Introducing Alex Mill

The Manual learns more about the new menswear line from Alex Drexler, Alex Mill.
worn wednesday brian orter

Worn Out Wednesday – Brian Orter

The Manual speaks to lighting designer Brian Orter about his personal style
hilfiger x esquivel shoe collab tommy

Hilfiger x Esquivel Fall Shoe Preview

Tommy Hilfiger partnered with George Esquivel to create a limited edition mens shoe line for fall 2013
feel good fridays sea bags bag

Feel Good Fridays – Sea Bags

worn wednesday bradley price

Worn Out Wednesday – Bradley Price

We speak to Autodromo founder, Bradley Price, about his personal style.
feel good friday farm feet to socks

Feel Good Friday: Farm to Feet

Farm to Feet Socks are 100% made in America
worn wednesday obi kauffman

Worn Out Wednesday – Obi Kaufmann

The Manual interviews Juniper Ridge's Obi Kauffman about his personal style

Wine Awesomeness Launches New Site. Dionysus Ecstatic.

We interview Wine Awesomeness about their new website and the increase in wine drinking among the Millenials
guide stylish golfing golf collage

A Stylish Guide to Golfing

A stylish guide to golfing
worn wednesday dion nash 2

Worn Out Wednesday – Dion Nash

We interview Cricket superstar and grooming expert Dion Nash on his personal style
lumina clothing wont break the bank

Lumina Clothing Won’t Break the Bank

Lumina clothing is made in America and won't break the bank.
feel good friday jed marne and

Feel Good Friday- Jed & Marne

Jed & Marne make shorts with fabrics hand loomed in Guatemala.
worn out wednesday lincoln pilcher

Worn Out Wednesday – Lincoln Pilcher

the manual x city harvest mixology class giveaway cayrum

Cayrum Straight Up for National Rum Day

For National Rum Day we meet the family behind Cayrum Rum.
feel good friday g h bass pennies towards progress gh

Feel Good Friday – G.H. Bass’ Pennies Towards Progress

For fall 2013, the classic American company, G.H. Bass is honing in on their most iconic style, the Penny Loafer. The fall campaign is called Power to the Penny and they are donating profits to Pennies for Progress.
worn out wednesday lou bopp

Worn Out Wednesday – Lou Bopp

The Manual speaks to photographer Lou Bopp about his personal style
the motley your go to site for grooming

The Motley- Your Go To Site for Grooming

Men have a new go to place to find all of their grooming needs, The Motley.
feel good friday bombas socks bomba

Feel Good Friday – Bombas Socks

Bombas Socks deliver new sock engineering while supporting a great charity.
worn out wednesday zachary johnson

Worn out Wednesday – Zachary Johnson

Illustrator Zachary Johnson talks to The Manual about his personal style.
beckett simonon makes a fair priced shoe

Beckett Simonon Makes a Fair Priced Shoe

We often sit around the office wondering what ‘middle men’ will be doing in ten years. With more and more companies like Warby Parker, Harry's, and Poppin in the mix and cutting the middle man these men better start strategizing. New to the shoe category is Beckett Simonon and we are all about these brogues and boots.
feel good fridays soles4souls souls4soles

Feel Good Fridays – Soles4Souls

Wondering what to do with those shoes you bought on a whim that have been sitting in your closet for two years? Soles4Souls is here for ya.
worn out wednesday dan birch

Worn Out Wednesday – Dan Birch

filsons refreshing new classics filson collection

Filson’s Refreshing New Classics

Even icons need upgrades. For autumn/winter 2013, we are stoked to see Filson (since 1897!) offering up some fresh options to some of our favorite accessories. There is some great color blocking on several bags and the use of Safety Orange is a great accent on others.
tipsy scoops alcoholic ice cream scoop

Tipsy Scoops Alcoholic Ice Cream

Tipsy Scoop makes alcoholic ice cream. We meet the owner and get a recipe for a strawberry rhubarb bourbon sundae
j crew debuts garments for good with the high line x highline cropped

J. Crew Debuts ‘Garments for Good’ with the High Line

Yesterday saw the launch of a great collaboration between J.Crew and the Friends of the High Line
sperrys color pack collection sperry shoes croppd

Sperry’s Color Pack Collection

Sperry launches a new line of boat shoes to represent school colors.
worn out wednesdays marco cilia header cropped

Worn Out Wednesdays – Marco Cilia

feel good friday gear up and give back with victorinox travel backpacks

Feel Good Friday: Gear Up and Give Back with Victorinox Travel Gear

Victorinox is gearing up and giving back by partnering with the Boys Hope Girls Hope and Blessings in a Backpack organizations to provide backpacks to students in need – just in time for back-to-school.
11860 ralph lauren

Ralph Lauren Rolls Out the First Denim & Supply Stores for the US

thorin decatur on how to protect your scalp from the summer sun decateur and sons barber

Thorin Decatur on How to Protect Your Scalp From the Summer Sun

worn out wednesday roy and yuvi alpert brothers 2

Worn Out Wednesday – Roy and Yuvi Alpert

A Little Lift from Insolito Terra Shoes

That is why Eddie Lee founded Insolito Terra, a new luxury shoe brand offering up a line of beautifully made shoes with 2.6 inches of extra height, acquired through inconspicuous construction.
searching for summer whites

Searching for Summer Whites

Gabriele Bertaccini by Evan Gunville

Worn Out Wednesday – Gabriele Bertaccini

feel good friday ultimat vodka 2

Feel Good Friday: Ultimat Vodka

feel good friday ultimat vodka

Feel Good Friday: Ultimat Vodka

Ultimat Vodka works with Action Against Hunger to raise money all summer until National Lemonade Day
worn out wednesday salman agah

Skater Turned Pizza Maker Salman Agah Discusses his Personal Style

The Manual interviews skate superstar Salman Agah about his personal style