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Gift Guide: Six Under $100

In addition to being difficult to find, the perfect gift can also do some serious damage to one’s bank account. That’s why we’ve compiled this gift guide for discerning folks who don’t want to spend more than $100 on a single gift.

Faribault for Target

This is one of the most exciting collabs of the year. One of our favorite heritage brands, Faribault Woolen Mills in Minnesota using some of their original equipment. There is a wide range of options from scarves and throws to weekenders and fuzzy wool tablet sleeves. All under $100 clams.

79 Ashley phone case 

This new leather accessories company is from Charleston, SC using Vachetta leather.

Vachetta Leather is unique in the modern world. Each skin is tanned according to a Tuscan tradition that dates back to the year 800. The skins are tanned using the trunk and rind of the chestnut tree and mimosa extracts. They are then placed in wooden barrels and impregnated with animal fats. Finally, the individual skins are hung from the ceiling to dry naturally over time. When the time comes to use them, they are polished with amber stone by skilled artisans who work diligently to preserve the small imperfections and wrinkles that give this product its unique personality. It is only through this ancient process that the true character of each skin is revealed and brought to life. Of course each skin differs in tone and has that unmistakable and comforting aroma that few leathers possess in today’s world.

Ball and Buck Zippo

Who doesn’t need a lighter? The Staple Roger Zippo will support American-made products and look damn fine when you pull it out around the campfire or at a holiday party. Since 1933, Zippo has served as an essential accessory to American soldiers and this is a replica of a 1935 style made in Bedford, Pennsylvania with the Ball and Buck hunter logo thrown into the mix.

Altmont 3.0 Camo Laptop Backpack

The perfect present for a brother, nephew or even an urban dad on the go- this limited edition backpack has a padded computer compartment and can take you from the office to the mountains with no problem. There are stretch side pockets for water bottles and umbrellas and a padded back panel for maximum comfort. The Durable Versatek main body fabric has an abrasion resistant Isynetic ballistic nylon base

Warby Parker

Who doesn’t need new shades? From grandpa to aunt Sue and your best friend, sunglasses are always appreciated. Look to Warby Parker for shades around $95 (prescriptions can be had for around $150) in a variety of styles and colors. To make it even better, for every pair bought they donate a prescription pair to someone in need.

Connor Paperweight

We all have those fancy friends and/or relatives we don’t know what to buy for right? Connor’s paperweights are just the thing. For $85, your swanky buds can have a handcrafted paperweight that is engraved in France and crafted in the US from one of New York’s coolest stationary companies. And they look like they cost a bazillion dollars.

These gifts will score you big points without making a huge dent in your bank account. Check out last year’s gift guide for more great ideas. You might also take a look at our guide to gifts for outdoorsmen.

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