The Manual Meet Up: Welcomes Brothers and Craft To Charleston

It was a PBR and hushpuppy kind of evening last night when The Manual and Leon’s Oyster Shop welcomed the Brothers & Craft boys to their new hometown of Charleston.

As many of you know, The Manual doesn’t like to sit still and we have bases in New York, Portland and Charleston. In the depth of the sweltering Charleston summer we met Kirk Chambers, the eldest brother, who has lived here for quite some time. When he told us that his two brothers were uprooting from Brooklyn and moving down South we thought hosting a welcome party the gentlemanly thing to do.

Mother Nature was kind to us and we were graced with cool weather (well 70, but that is cool for the Holy City) and a golden-pink sunset. The light cast a warm glow on Leon’s newest edition, The Oyster Shed. Located directly behind the now iconic oyster shop, the shed is a 19th century home that was one derelict and now decadent with exposed beams, reclaimed doors and one long communal table where we had hushpuppies, duck pate and avocado toast laid out for all to enjoy.

Great friends came out to welcome the boys including Erik from J. Stark, Amy and Courtney from Stitch Design, photographer Jeff Holt, Coffee Kind’s Luke Correale, David and Bill from Sugar Bake Shop, Mary Mac McFadden Wilson from Print, Jay Fletcher and even some real live Citadel cadets.

We wish the boys great success here in Charleston, although following them on Instagram, you know they are on the go go go.

Finally we would like to thank Cole Haan for the generous VIP cards for all of our guests. We will have some very well heeled tastemakers around town this fall.

All photography by Clay Austin.

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