Feel Good Friday – Every Man Jack

We are big fans of natural and organic products but we also know they can hit the wallet harder than a hippie hits a bong. That is why we are fans of Every Man Jack. Based in Marin Country, California the line offers products that contain only naturally derived ingredients. No parabens, no phthalates, no dyes, no sodium lauryl sulfate, and never tested on animals. We didn’t really think anyone still tested on animals until we found this list. Yowzers.

Founded in 2007 by Ritch Viola, Every Man Jack is a fairly large line with everything from sun protection, age defying products,   hair care, deodorant and a complete shave line. New to the line is the Sandalwood Collection. The scent is warm and earthy, perfect for the winter, while all the products have excellent benefits for your hair and skin: coconut surfactants to clean your hair, jojoba oil to sooth your face and plant sourced squalene for a smooth shave.

Just to prove how organically awesome the line is, Whole Foods has the exclusive for the Sandalwood line (although it can be bought online too). To add to the feel good aspect the company has a tri-team that raised over $10,000 last year for Smile Train. Ritch’s son was born in 2006 with a cleft lip and palette, and while he received expert medical care from UCSF, Ritch is aware of the children all over the world with the same defect who don’t have access to medical care. Smile Train goes out and finds these children and gives them a smile.

Also, in May of 2014 the team will be completing fund raising for the Challenged Athlete Foundation where tickets will be sold enabling donors to join the team on their route. Check out the team’s page on Facebook.

So next time you head to Whole Foods for your Annie’s Organic Pizza or Seaweed chips be sure to hit up the grooming aisle and stock up. They will probably be the cheapest things in your cart and last the longest.

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