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Worn Out Wednesday – Kai Lightner

Today we speak to the very young (16) adidas sponsored competition climber Kia Lightner.

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio but my family quickly relocated to Fayetteville, North Carolina before I could walk. After years of climbing everything in sight, I took up the sport of rock climbing. I visited my first climbing gym at age six, and have spent 2-5 days a week rock climbing ever since.

I qualified (and attended) my first national climbing competition at the age of seven. At age 10, I won my first Youth National Championship title and was fortunate enough to follow that achievement up with seven subsequent Youth National titles, three Pan American titles and became a youth world champion in 2014. In March 2015, at age 15, I won the US Open/Adult National Championship.

When I am not in the gym training for competitions, I love traveling around the world climbing outside and enjoying nature with my friends. Although outdoor climbing has been more centered on fun and adventure for me, I have managed to climb a number of difficult 5.14 graded routes in the US, Spain and Norway. Fortunately, I am able to fit all of these things in between maintaining high grades as an 11th grade honors student at Reid Ross Classical High School.

As for my personal style (when I am not in my school uniform). It’s a little adidas heavy but hey, they are my sponsor!

Jeans: Prana Axiom jeans

Shirts: adidas singlet racerbacks (when climbing)

Pants: adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift Multi pants or adidas Tiro 15 training pants

 Suits: I try to avoid them when possible!

Shoes: adidas Outdoor Daroga Two 11

Outerwear: adidas Outdoor Terrex Korum Hoodie

Your favorite App: Youtube & Instagram (check out his videos and posts)

Favorite piece of technology: Samsung Galaxy S6

Next tech purchase:  Samsung Galaxy Tab S10.5

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