Billy Jealousy launches their Gold Standard all over wash

billy jealousy launches their gold standard all over wash
All in one cleansers usually make us shudder. They dry out the face or the scalp and/or just smell like a teen slumber party. Billy Jealousy has come out with a three in one for the grown man with their Gold Standard 3-in-1 all over wash.

Why is it so good?

  • Cucumber extract to soothe and tone the skin
  • Hydrolyzed oat protein to help skin retain moisture
  • Glycolic AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and papaya extract to cleanse and exfoliate
  • The scent is a light rosemary and mint that is refreshing and calming when you are scrubbing that hangover off your entire body

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Founded in 2004 (in Texas!), Billy Jealousy’s goal was to create effective grooming products backed by science and nature but to offer them up in a more amusing brand experience. Not only has the brand won several awards in the industry but they are also well known for giving back. They donate a portion of profits to organizations such as Big Brother and Big Sister and Green Corps. Finally, all products are PETA approved. Hooray for rabbits!

If you struggle to find quality face, hair and body cleansers, Billy’s got your back (and face and neck).

Gold Standard retails for $36


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