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Dixon Rye is Atlanta’s Awesome Design Destination

As we get older and shed those college card tables and Pottery Barn beds, it becomes a hobby to keep an eye out for furniture and home pieces that are really going to stand out. Just as we don’t like to wear what everyone else is sporting, why live in a carbon copy of your neighbor’s digs?

Dixon Rye is just the sort of store we love discovering for inspiration and seriously good acquisitions. Located in the buzzing Westside area of Atlanta in a former ironworks building, Dixon Rye offers 4,700 square feet of awesomeness (note with envy the wood floors reclaimed from a horse farm in Kentucky). From uber gentlemanly leather Chesterfields to monster tribal pillows and one of a kind antiques that would take any guy’s space from Dukes of Hazard to Duke of Windsor, Dixon Rye is Atlanta’s premier design destination.

Owned by retail veteran Bradley Odom (10 years with J.Crew and 10 with West Elm), he has curated a wide selection of items we all need to have to make our home into our castle. From monastic, unscented, jet-black candles, to marble picture frames and the kinds of books you want to sit down with after pouring a great whisky. He even has hand soap that smells of Orange Bitters (and comes in a mysterious smoky grey glass bottle), a smell we imagine would waft out of George Clooney’s villa on Lake Como. The handmade Turkish rugs are quintessential for the handsomest of man homes, too.

If you are really going big, Bradley can whisk you upstairs to the design studio to work on more custom projects for both home and commercial spaces, but we just enjoyed perusing the main floor and asking about all the interesting pieces he has in the space. While there is a lot to see and do in the Atlanta’s Westside neighborhood, if you’re there, be sure to take a good chunk of time to experience all that Dixon Rye has to offer. From the handcrafted furniture to the amusing and informative staff, this spot reflects everything we love about the New South.

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