Feel Good Friday – Macana Messenger Bags

If you read this site, you probably don’t like to just blend in. Granted, we don’t cater to the hot pink suit guys, but our readers take pride in clothing and accessories that have a story. Allegory’s new Macana bag has a great one.

The Macana is a traditional Incan scarf. But with the modernization of Ecuador, fewer people are wearing the scarf. Chicago based Allegory didn’t want to see the tradition fade so they are working with Ecuadorian artisans who create the colorful hand-woven fabric and are using it to line their new messenger bags.

Allegory isn’t only buying the fabric; they are reinvesting part of the sales into the artisans’ business while supporting and preserving the artisans of Ecuador. It’s perfect for the socially conscious consumer who values form, function and giving back. The lining is hand-woven, handsomely crafted fabric made using Incan traditions.

This project is being supported by ProEcuador, an organization within the Ecuadorian government focused on creating international business opportunities for Ecuadorian companies and bringing investment to Ecuador. ProEcuador focuses not only on creating these business opportunities, but has a deep commitment to supporting the culture and communities around these companies.

What is even cooler is that the Macana messenger bag allows you to customize your own high quality bag by choosing from two sizes, three leather colors and five Macana lining designs to fit needs and tastes perfectly.

Besides the Macana Bag, check out everything else on the Allegory website. The brand consists of a team of designers, artists and craftsmen who are making every day objects more meaningful. They are also big on protecting natural resources as well as partnering with the non-profit sector (such as the National Forest Foundation). And it may be too late for the holidays but their custom work is on point! Something to consider for Valentine’s or Father’s Day.

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