Deodorant in a Towel? Oh Hell Yes.

Summer is here and the heat is on. That means sweat city and stink town for lots of us. Whether its from outdoor time (hiking or tedious yard work) or just a humid walk to work, we are precariously close to Neanderthal stages of odor.

While a mid day shower isn’t an option for everyone, we have found these awesome ‘refreshers’ (we don’t dare call it a wipe) from Niche. Packaged in minimal black, these powerful little numbers will wipe away dirt, sweat and odor so you can be shower fresh for your next meeting, date or round two on the dance floor.

We gave these man cleaners a try and were pleasantly pleased by the zing from the ginseng, the cooling effects of the aloe vera and the pleasant scent. We were also impressed with the wash cloth sized towels big enough for a serious scrub down.

Order a pile of these today, try them out and tell us what you think.

Niche for Men Deodorizing Wipe

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