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Feel Good Friday – Conscious Step

Socks are something we really can’t get enough of here at The Manual.

Even in the summer, we need to keep them shoes sweat-free and our ankles protected from mosquitos. Giving back is something that is in our blood too, so when we learned about Conscious Step, we had to give them a go.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

These are socks that fight for causes and are ethically manufactured. They are partners with first class non-profits aligned with The United Nations Millennium Development Goals, which is the world’s ‘to-do’ list of the greatest challenges faced by humanity today.

Their socks are broken down into different categories of need:

As for the socks themselves, they have a seamless 168 needle thread count with reinforced heels and toes for durability. There is also an embroidered ‘impact emblem’ on the ankle to remind you how you are indeed making a change in the world.

The brand was launched in January of 2014 by three friends: Hassan Ahmad, Adam Long and Prashant Mehta. To date they have donated 6000 packs of food, planted 20,000 trees and provided hundreds of hours of education.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

80% of the worlds organic cotton is grown in India so the company decided it made sense to manufacture there too. They are also able to support small and marginal cotton farmers too, as well as work with a local factory, spinning mill, and fair trade cotton cooperative. The owners make twice-yearly visits to India to oversee everything.

Conscious Step retail for $14.95 a pair and $44.95 for a ‘Conscious Leap’ gift box of three (Father’s Day!)

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