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Have you ever had a bike that just didn’t feel right for your body? We have all tinkered with our bikes to get them ‘just right’ and sometimes it just never gets as comfortable as we would like them to be.  KindHuman bikes are custom built but not necessarily custom pricing. They strive for better bikes for all!

At KindHuman, doing what’s right for riders means redefining the way performance bicycles are designed, manufactured, and delivered to the customer. This means design, transparency and value in all of their products – on everything from complete bikes down to their socks! KindHuman Bikes only use the highest quality materials – Toray T700 Carbon and Reynolds 853 Steel – packaged in an expertly crafted, thoughtfully designed and powerfully performing product. 

To learn more about this stellar North American company we spoke with Samantha Richter. 

Tell us a bit about the company.

Our philosophy is the backbone of our company, and our philosophy is to always Do What’s Right For Riders. One way we execute this is through our 5 Step Custom Build Process:

Our incredibly high quality frames are the platforms for a personalized ride. We help all of our customers find the build that is perfect for them – for their fit, their riding needs and also their wallets. Fit is more than just frame size. It’s finding the right ratios on their crankset and cassette, the right crank arm length for your body and the riding you do. It is finding the best cockpit for your body type and riding personality.

Not every person should be riding the same bike. We help you find the right bike for the riding you like to do.

This way of thinking permeates every product that we manufacture. Check out the rest of our 3 Pillars on our website

What bike is the star of the brand?

It’s definitely our Kampionne – Aero Road Bike:

The Kampionne is the backbone of our performance road lineup. This is the one bike to rule them all – an all-arounder that is a quiver killer. This bike is designed with our Real World Aero Design: Aerodynamics that performs incredibly well in real life conditions, not just in front of a wind tunnel. This is due to our AeroFoil tear-drop shaped downtube, which balances wind distribution and neutralizes dirty air from a multitude of wind angles, while keeping the rider comfortable and confident on …. in all performance scenarios.

Many aero bikes lose benefits in handling, comfort, climbing and overall road feel by focusing on wind tunnel effectiveness. The Kampionne refuses to compromise, giving the rider direct benefits in real riding conditions.

The Kampionne’s incredible performance is also due to our commitment to Trickle Up Technology. We don’t make “Comp” or “Sport” level frames using lesser materials. The Kampionne is always manufactured with incredibly high modulus T700 carbon fibre – the highest quality carbon you can build a complete frame with. Whether your Kampionne is built with our base model components, or the most expensive parts available, we believe everyone should get to experience the amazing performance of high-quality raw materials and design.

Tell us about the clothing and accessories.

New to the line-up are our KindHuman Leather Gloves. Designed with comfort and classic styling in mind, the supple leather we use becomes a rider’s second skin. They are perforated for surprising ventilation and feature light padding for the palm. An upgrade from our previous gloves, we have improved the sizing, feel and durability of the KindHuman Glove, for a stylish yet purpose driven product. 

rider favorite and best seller for us is our Klub Bib-Short. This Italian made, lightweight performance bib offerscompression-based muscular support and KindHuman’s proprietary six-panel construction, with broad, anatomical panels to fit a wide-range of body shapes. For the chamois, we have employed a Serie 3D Carbon Lime Chamois Pad for maximum three-dimensional comfort. This decreases pressure on the perineal-prostate area, and provides ample support to the ischial bones. Featuring carbon fibres with bacteriostatic properties and flat seams for added comfort, the Klub bib is a go-to for performance riding and uncompromised quality. 

KindHuman recently donated a new Kampionne to Cancer survivor and dedicated participant of the Ride to Conquer Cancer, Jana Pokorna. Tell us more about that. 

As a sponsor of the Ride to Conquer Cancer, we got wind of a 7 time R2CC rider and cancer survivor, Jana Pokorna, whose treasured bicycle was stolen – while she was fundraising from a display she had in front of her small jewelry repair shop promoting her fundraising even that night. There was a sign and balloons and everything, it was pretty clear that there was a cancer fundraiser going on. Over the years, Jana has raised over $21,000 for Cancer Research in the name of both parents who she lost to cancer, her own struggle, and for her sister who was diagnosed this year. 

With the ride taking place this coming weekend on June 13th – 14th, Jana was in a tough place. We met with Jana and decided to donate our Kampionne road bicycle for her to ride this year and in many years to come. She is a truly inspirational person, with a joie de vive, resilience and kindness that is clear to anyone that meets her. 

Check out the full story here: http://www.kindhuman.cc/shop/kindrider

Our goal is to increase Jana’s sponsorships and help her raise more money for the ride than ever before. Sharing her story would be an incredible way to help her raise money for cancer research. We are all about Doing What’s Right For Riders. It’s not just a slogan – it’s a way of life. It’s in every product we create, it’s in the teams we sponsor and the youth riders we support through our Cycling Scholarship. At the end of the day, along with making incredible products, it’s what we do different from everybody else and it’s a promise only we can deliver on. 

Read about the rest of our sponsored riders and our cycling scholarship here as well. 

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