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Feel Good Friday – DIBI Ties

When Daniel Bruce heard from a friend in the Philippines that such basic necessities such as bags, pencils and sharpeners were hard to find at the local schools, it had him thinking. Inspired by the Tom’s shoes business model, Daniel launched DIBI ties in 2009 after spending time as a model in the fashion retail world. When he decided to do his own thing, ties were calling his name since they were becoming more popular. In his first season he landed Nordstrom as an account and he has been growing ever since.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Every tie sold helps buy school supplies in rural communities throughout the world. And that goes for the US too. DIBI, which stands for his initials phonetically written out, ranges from sturdy knits to formal silky bow ties and graphic prints in Japanese cotton. There is a Made in America line that is handcrafted in Chicago as well as a Made in Italy line created with 100% Italian silk. We are big fans of his more trend setting madras, gingham, corduroy and velvet pieces that are also very well priced. Bruce also has a wide range of accessories including pocket squares, cuff links, silver, copper, gold and wooden tie clips and colorful leather money clips.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

With the spring/summer wedding season fast approaching you may need a pile of new ties for each occasion (and social media snapshots), so hop onto DIBI’s site and stock up. It’s for a good cause, really! As Daniel told us,  “I only hope to be able to reach more communities as my company grows.”


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