Worn Out Wednesday – Michael Farber

Today we meet Michael Farber, the co-founder of Breakout.

I am originally from Maryland but have lived off and on in New York City since 2009 with stints in Chicago and LA in between. From 2009 – 2014, I was an early team member of a real estate media company where I led the national expansion and we grew from 6 to 75 employees across the US and Canada.

Wanting to push our entrepreneurial growth even further, my co-founder and I launched Breakout in early 2014. We set out to build a community of our generation’s rising leaders and change the way they connected with one another. Not simply for personal and professional growth, but to have a positive effect on the communities around us.

Today, we have members in 9+ cities and hold local programming in New York and LA along with soon to be quarterly trips to cities such as Baltimore, Detroit, Miami, and New Orleans.

These gatherings are bigger than our membership; we come together to learn about the cities, the social issues they face, and the people trying to create change. We enjoy a great weekend with like-minded people, but more importantly, we learn about how we can engage and help the people making an impact on those in their community.

We call this model ‘impact eventing‘.

As for my personal style:

Jeans: Levis 511

Shirts: Liberty / Top Man / Rag & Bone

Pants: Jack Spade

Suits: A long list of start up friends bespoke brands

Shoes: Supra’s, Ferragamo’s, Wolverine Kilometer Boot

Accessories: Hats – Detroit Hustles Harder, Watch – Omega Speedmaster

Outerwear: Double RL Cardigan, H&M Bomber Jacket, Saks Fifth Ave Trench

Favorite Cologne: Au Naturel

Your favorite App: 1Up (my app soon to be in Beta)

Favorite piece of technology: Anything allowing me to listen to music

Next tech purchase: Apple TV

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