Take your Drawers to the Next Level with Special Delivery

With the increased interest in men’s fashion, it only makes sense we consider all aspects of dressing. The first thing you put on is not that Gitman Vintage shirt and we are hoping you have progressed from BVD’s.

Special Delivery NYC is a new men’s underwear line working to make basics better. Made in America with the finest North Carolina Supima Cotton, the line consists of briefs, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, tank tops and t-shirts. Thankfully, there is also a lack of major banding on the pieces, you know what we mean – 3-inch thick bands with ‘Calvin’ stitched in gold around your waist. Besides the basic line the boys behind the brand will role out the ‘VIA’ collection consisting of special runs and collabs with stores, artists and designers.

Business partners Joe Polimeni and Brad Dixon launched the line. Brad is the Creative Director at digital advertising agency, Code and Theory. Joe is currently the Visual Director at Jeffrey New York. They also work closely with Martin Keehn, a tailor and pattern maker with over 20 years of experience in the undergarment industry.

We spoke with Brad to learn a little more about his brand.

What made you want to focus on underwear?

We really just wanted to create a utilitarian brand that still had a personality. We felt It was a nice challenge to strike that balance so we started from the inside out creating really simple yet modern basics, focusing on great fit, great materials, and a sophisticated aesthetic. It was also important to us for the products to be made in America.

Did you see something lacking in the market?

Sure, there are a ton of brands we really admire, but we didn’t really see the equivalent in the basics space. We don’t personally wear big logos and patterns on our outerwear and we wanted to bring that into what we are doing underneath.

What is next for the line?

We are looking to establish ourselves early on. You’ll see new seasonal color offerings and materials, but we will be sure to maintain our utilitarian approach. We will eventually expand our style offerings as they make sense for the brand and the collections.

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