Worn Out Wednesday – DJ MICK

Today we speak with world famous DJ, Mick.

Hi. I ‘m Mick Batyske. I deejay under the highly fancy, all caps version of my first name: MICK.

I grew up in Ohio, went to grad school, realized I didn’t want to use my MBA for a boring passionless company, and decided to follow my musical dreams instead. Fast forward to now: I’m a happily married Brooklynite, a tech investor, a musical curator for some of your favorite brands, and I get to travel the world rocking parties for lots of fun clients.

My style is simple and classic. I tend to skew toward monotone piece, not a lot of print or graphics. Give me some clean, basic, well-fitting pieces in black, grey and navy and I’m happy. Occasionally, I like to add a special piece on top of that to give it some pop.

I spend a lot of time on airplanes, so comfort is important to me, but I want to look good when I get off the plane as well. I feel like brands are finally catching up to the fact that you can be comfortable and still well put together.

Jeans: I’m actually not uber picky when it comes to jeans. J Brand and Acne are two of my faves.   You can also never go wrong with some classic Levi’s.

Shirts: I love Saint Laurent shirts under a suit. For more casual wear, I love brands like Dana Lee and Henrik Vibskov. I’m lucky because I live by an amazing store in Brooklyn called Goose Barnacle. The owner, David, kills it and I trust his selection impeccably.

Pants: Soulland Bomholt Pants have been my go-to pant all summer because they look amazing with just about everything and allow fun sneakers to really stand out. Public School also makes a great pant.

Suits: Saint Laurent makes fantastic suits that fit me well. Zegna also makes nice suits.

Shoes: I love Prada for their shoes that are timeless and classic styles. They always have something special going on with the shape or design.   But for more casual, I love vintage Jordans. I found an original pair of 1984 Jordan 1’s in Bangkok at a flea market. The thrill of the hunt!

I’m also a big runner and the Adidas Ultra Boost are unbeatable right now. Did I mention I’m a mega sneaker head with 300+ pairs of sneakers? I’m trying to scale back, though.

Accessories: I’m bald so I wear beanies pretty much year round. The softer, the better.   My favorite is one I got in Paris with no brand attached at a store I don’t even remember. But it’s warm and comfy and amazing.   Also, I love Norse Projects five panel hats. They fit my head just right.

I’m not much of a jewelry man, but I’m definitely a watch guy. I inherited a gold Piaget from my grandfather a while back. I like finding cool watches on my travels both as a keepsake and also because of the uniqueness. I found a vintage 1978 Rolex Submariner in Geneva last year that had an aged all-grey patina. So cool and different!

Outerwear: My favorite season is fall, so I’m excited to bring some jackets back into the rotation. I found an amazing Dries Van Noten jacket in London last year that I had to have, and still love. Also, you can’t go wrong with a classic denim jacket. Currently, I’m rocking one from Won Hundred.

Favorite Cologne: Anything by Byredo Parfums , but currently I’m loving their Baudelaire cologne.

Your favorite App: Aside from Instagram, Localeur.

Favorite piece of technology: A tie between our Sonos system and my custom MickBook.

Next tech purchase:  We just welcomed our first child into the world, Myles Xavier Batyske, so all of our tech thoughts have been toward his comfort and our functionality. The next purchase will probably revolve around him. We are still looking for the perfect baby camera for his nursery.   We are really loving Mama Roo bouncers because they have a handy iPhone app to control the movement, which is awesome.

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