Six Essentials for your Dog this Summer

With summer scratching at the door it’s not just time to think about how to update our wardrobe and gear but that of our favorite four legged friends too.

We have dug up six great items that are sure to make the dog days of summer all the more fun for you and your buddy.

Wolfgang Man and Beast Camoflag Collar

As you know, we are big fans of Wolfgang Man and Beast and this red, white and blue collar and leash set are July 4th appropriate without being overkill.

Paww Pick Pocket Pouch

Speaking of leashes, I think we are all tired of walking our dog with an embarrassing fire hydrant or plastic bone dangling off the leash to hold pick up bags.

The people at Paww have created these colorful and flat pouches to hold not just bags, but keys or cash when out with your dawg. We are hugely appreciative of this genius invention.

Paww Throw Bowl

Why didn’t we think of this? Out at the park with your dog playing frisbee and he gets thirsty? This frisbee pops open to become a handy water bowl and can hold up to 48 fl. oz. of H20 for your pup to lap up before you collapse it and keep the frisbee flying.

Social Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

For those days that it may be too hot to take the pooch to the beach for the day, set up this cool system where you can watch your pet, offer him treats and even live stream the video on Facebook (although we wonder just how exciting our dogs are when they are chillin’ at home alone).

Harry Barker Travel Dog Food Storage Bag

Whenever we head out for the weekend with our dog we haul a canister of food or a Ziploc bag that ends up spilling. This smart travel bag is made from recycled materials,  holds 12 cups for kibble and has a waterproof lining.

K-10+ Dog Supplements

Just like humans, our pups can benefit from vitamins but any pet owner knows giving a dog a pill is one of the great feats of existence. Thankfully a dog loving New Yorker created K-10+, water soluble vitamin packets that you simply mix into their water creating a stress free experience for owner and pet. Seriously one of the best new ideas for the dog market. Oh and fear not, if you have a cat using the same water bowl it is harmless to them!

This made in America product comes in six different formulas and will definitely add a little spring to his step this summer:

Calming: Reduces anxiety and barking during storms, car trips, when flying on airplanes or boarding overnight. Will be useful during upcoming 4th of July celebrations where fireworks will be present.

Glucosamine: The weather is turning warm and you love running with your dog. Glucosamine is a preventative measure for joint care, helping keep your dog mobile and active longer.

Omega 3: Does your dog act as an icebreaker when meeting people during walks? Keep him looking his best with Omega-3. Also improves skin health, a shinier coat, and decreases shedding. Which means less cleaning and vacuuming the house. Double bonus – believe it or not dogs can suffer from seasonal allergies just like people do. Omega-3 formula combats seasonal allergies by reducing inflammation. Read more about that here.

UT/Lawn Care: Besides the Urinary Tract benefits, this formula does away with yellow spots on that hard earned green lawn.

Senior Care: Rich in anti-oxidants, provides nutritional support for a better, longer, more active life.

Multi Vitamin: Promotes general well being and hydration.

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