Society 43’s Got Your Game Glasses

We here at The Manual pride ourselves in showcasing products that range from affordable to aspirational. So when we saw our friend sporting a pair of these  summer fun shades from Society 43 on Facebook we had to investigate. Come to find out they specialize in officially-licensed sunglasses and eyewear accessories. And the cost, a whopping 20 buckaroos.  That’s what we are talkin’ bout! We also love a good heritage name – Society 43 refers to the year collegiate sports started with the Yale Rowing Crew back in 1843.

The story gets even better. They provide logoed sunglasses to over 75 of the largest universities in the world. So name your team and more than likely, you can order some shades (for $20!) with their logo emblazoned on the side. Also, on the Society 43 website you can custom make your own pair of shades to wow and impress your friends (these are $30, we know, bank breakers). Apparently there are over 3,500 custom sunglass combinations so get going.

You think that’s the highlight? Jason Bolt, who founded the company in 2010, pairing his love of sports with his love of shades, is also socially conscious, his motto being ‘Community over Capital.’ Society 43 supports various non-profits around the world including Two Feet, an organization who runs sports camps for underprivileged and orphaned kids in Kenya.

To top it all off, something we all love, they are made right here in the States, Oregon to be precise. So keep those Persols, Illesteva’s and Cutler and Gross for your swankier occassions and stock up on Society 43’s for the keg stands and ball games.

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