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From Body Building to Gossip Girls, Luke Guldan Flexes his Acting Muscle

Luke Guldan
While you may not know his name yet, you have probably seen Luke Guldan working out in Men’s Fitness or Men’s Health.  But acting is where it’s at for Luke these days. Currently, he can be seen as Trent Kelly in the indie film “The Broken Ones.” The film follows two troubled strangers who meet one night and help each other overcome personal fears and tragedies. Trent is the brother of the lead, Andy (Cece King), and has taken on the role of holding the family together after the loss of their father on 9/11. The film premiered on June 15 2017, the opening night of the SOHO International Film Festival in New York City.

Guldan’s additional TV credits include “Broad City,” “Law & Order: SVU,” “Blue Bloods,” “Gossip Girl,” and “The Colbert Report.” On the silver screen, Guldan has lead roles in the upcoming feature films “The Tailor’s Apprentice” and “ADDicted.” He was also a lead in the 2012 horror film “The Watermen.”

Luke Guldan

On the stage, Guldan received rave reviews as the lead, Benjamin Braddock, in the Ivoryton Playhouse’s theatrical adaptation of “The Graduate.” He has also appeared in Tennessee Williams’ classic “Street Car Named Desire” and David Storey’s critically acclaimed “The Changing Room.”

As Luke told us, “I was born in Wisconsin and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. I started my career through competitive bodybuilding with the hopes to initially use my physique to help procure acting opportunities.”

As for his personal style, “I like things that are old, rich in history, and something that has worn the test of time (pun intended).”

Jeans:  “To be honest, it depends the shoe I’m planning to wear, so for me the jeans taper comes into play. I like a vintage Levi 517 boot cut 30/30 so I can wear my Durangos, but Levis 512 is also a good go-to on the regular: not too slim but not too tight with a strong taper for a sneaker or mid cut boot.”

Shirt: “I like a Russell Athletics t-shirt circa 2000 or older. I’m all about soft t-shirts and I find not many tees age as finely as Russell.”

Pants: “It’s hard to find the right pant when you exercise your legs and have a smaller waist! That being said I’ve had good luck with Topman.

Luke Guldan

Suits: “I like Etro single breasted suits for the design, quality, and fit.”

Shoes: John Varvatos. I’ve been a fan of his for years and I still have my first shoe I purchased there nearly 10 years ago. I like them because of quality but also maybe because it was my first real “investment” in a shoe.”

Accessories: “I don’t wear any accessories, except on occasion a certain piece of jewelry that was passed down through my family that’s important to me.”

Outerwear: “As a whole, RRL is my favorite. Anything from there is a win. However my favorite jacket is a red 1960s wax Belstaff racing jacket because of the feel and the smell.”

Favorite cologne: “I don’t really wear cologne but I like a sandalwood fragrance in general. Santal 26 is good.”

Favorite app: Map My Run — it does what it says.”

Favorite Podcast: Jocko Podcast. It’s important. It’s real, raw and authentic. It’s about many things but mainly for me it explores a world that I personally have no real life experience with but know exists, is happening and is very much a real thing: war.”

Next style/gear purchase: “I just lost my headphones which is a major bummer, but I’ll probably just purchase the same ones I lost: BOSE athletics.”

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