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Feel Good Friday- Jed & Marne

We are serious shorts lovers here at The Manual. We know some style mavens shudder at shorts in the city, but when it’s 90 degrees your legs need to breathe. Period. And there are some regions in the States where guys can sport shorts nearly year round so variety is key.

One brand we recently discovered is Jed & Marne. The brother sister duo were looking to create their own line of shorts and handmade was top of their intentions. After a hardy search they were truly impressed by the construction and composition of the weaving they found in Guatemala. All the fabrics are dyed by hand and hand woven on foot looms by local craftsmen who have been doing this for years.

We are sure you know where this is leading to – the feel good part – with each purchase you are providing livable wages, ensuring humane working conditions and helping save a great cultural tradition. They are also founding members of Comida Vida, a non-profit organization that promotes health education for women and children.

The brand has two lengths of shorts, ( a 19 inch and a 16 inch) as well as a line of damn cute kids wear called Neen Yo selling shorts and tiny dresses.

We have been rocking out Jed & Marne’s all summer and they get a thumbs up. The fabric is lightweight and very breathable and great for beach time, paddle boarding, lunching and lounging. We also are a fan of the two side pockets so we can stash keys and a credit card when heading out. And of course the wide variety of weaves has us hankering for more. These definitely set you apart from the mall shorts herds, and of course, you are helping support an amazing community of crafts people. Order some up for your last days of summer (plus some are on sale!) or stock up for next season.

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