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Teddy Roosevelt Style

teddy roosevelt style tr
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With the $40 million restoration of the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial at The American Museum of Natural History recently dedicated, we began to look back at our 26th President and realized – damn, he had style.

The man not only carried a big stick but he knew what to wear when riding a moose, scaling the Grand Canyon or hosting guests at the White House. He is also an icon of wilderness preservation (even though he did shoot over 11,000 animals, many of which are now in the Natural History Museum).

Interestingly enough, his style is right on point with menswear today.

We found a plethora of brands who are honing in on TR’s taste for the rough, rugged and well made. Here are some brands we think T.R. would approve of:

  • Billy Kirk’ s claw buckle belt is stordy enough to get through any Amazonian adventure and can be used as a tourniquet if the natives attack.
  • Danner has been making boots in Oregon since 1932 and their quality is golden. A hike through the Grand Canyon in these is like a walk through the park.
  • Another quality brand from Oregon is Tanner Goods. We love this rucksack for weekends away in the wilderness or even for big grocery days.
  • From the company that manufactures Mil-Spec Aviators for the Unites States Air Force, these sunglasses from Randolph Engineering will shield a man from the light while navigating his way around the West.
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