Eau de Cologne Makes a Comeback

Men just weren’t meant to spritz. We dig smelling good but squirting cologne on pulse points or necks is just weird. That is what we are all about the return of ‘eau’. Eau de Cologne is all about shaking and splashing with abandon. Perfect for after the shower, you can douse a bit of scented water on your hair, body and cheeks but you wont stink up the office either.

We spoke to the man who is bringing Eau back from the grave, Jean-Christophe Le Greves. He launched his line, Thirdman last year and it is being stocked by some of America’s biggest retailers. We caught up with him in Los Angeles to hear the backstory on Eau de Cologne

 When did eau de cologne become popular?

Beginning in the 18th century, scented waters made with botanical extracts were used primarily for their beneficial, tonic-like qualities. These later evolved into the classic ‘eaux de cologne’ which were stored in large bottles and meant to be splashed on liberally.

Refreshing and invigorating, their generous application was as gratifying as their scent. They became an essential part of a throughout-the-day feel good regimen for everyone.

What makes them relevant now?

This tradition is at the origin of a new movement in modern fine perfumery for men who are ready to enjoy scents differently: extraordinary refreshment, unique & lasting sensation of well being, liberal gesture in splashing or spraying, ‘scents to live in’ rather than a ‘name to wear’.

At the opposite of complex fragrances, branding and marketing techniques, Thirdman believes in freedom. It has translated the by-gone splendor of the original ‘Eau de Cologne’ by designing the indispensable ‘Eau’ of today.

Men love scents that become an essential part of their everyday feel good routine. Like a perfect accessory or a favorite t-shirt, the fragrances by Thirdman are created to become part of a personal journey.

Tell us about your line.

Eau Monumentale, Eau Moderne and Eau Profonde, the first three fragrances by Thirdman, are all very contemporary interpretations of freshness made of the highest grade natural essences for the unique and lasting sensation they provide. Chilled or not for fuller impact, they come in larger bottles like their ancestors and they open a new territory in scent. Who said quantity could not be synonymous with high quality?

Thirdman fragrances are available at Neiman Marcus.

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