Treat Yo Self: Manly Spa Treatments to Get You Ready for the New Year

manly spa treatments for new years eve man with mud mask
Whether you’re going to a huge blowout or ringing in the new year with a few friends, face the night with bright complexion and a relaxed bod by indulging in a pre-NYE spa treatment just for dudes.

It’s no longer considered soft to book yourself a facial, manicure, or indulgent 120-minute massage, so get with the times and treat your tough skin and tired muscles. We’ve got options for those who want a quick, 10-minute face brightening on the drive to a party or a futuristic skin-lifting to restore elasticity.

If there’s one night to pamper that mug, it’s for New Year’s Friggin’ Eve. Plus, it might make your hangover on January 1 look less … well, scary.

Hot Stone Massage

Offered at Boulder, Colorado’s Spa at the St. Julien Hotel, the Rock On! Massage centers on the use of heated stones combined with massage for a restorative thermotherapy experience. This type of hot stone treatment is offered in many iterations at spas around the country (simply ask for hot stones) and is a heaven-sent in the cooler weather, as the heat is both deeply relaxing and helps toast up tight muscles so your masseuse can work deeper into the knots. Get this treatment at least a day before New Year’s Eve to welcome 2018 with a rejuvenated body (and to properly hydrate before going hard on the Champagne.

stone massage spa treatments

Lash Perm

As a dude with tons of testosterone, odds are you already have long, luscious eyelashes that have the volume to make your crush swoon from across the crowded bar. If your lashes are meh, you can add length by boosting curl in a way that, thanks to the spa gods, won’t look too extra. Call up a local, five-star eyelash spa nearby (like Lash Spot) and ask for a dye and perm. You’ll be asked to lie flat on a spa bed and simply close your eyes while the technician uses a perm rod to apply the solution. Wait 45 minutes and done. The treatment is painless, quick, costs anywhere between $25-$70, and gives you an instant allure. It’s all in the eyes, gentlemen, and on New Year’s Eve, your eye contact flirting will be on point.


Say what? Hydradermie is treatment developed by Guinot that uses electrical currents. For example, the Hydradermie Lift, a powerful two-hour treatment offered exclusively at the Como Metropolitan in London, combines an anti-aging facial of firming and toning serums, particularly around the eyes, face, and neck, with the futuristic “cellular energy lift”— a non-surgical lifting treatment that has the affect of restoring elasticity to the skin. The point of this package is to get as close to Botox and invasive anti-aging treatments without a scalpel. You’re supposed to be relaxing, after all. Can’t get to London? Look for a local spa that offers Hydradermie, Guinot-trainged therapists, or anti-aging facials using vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and procollagen. The earth turns another year older but your wrinkles don’t have to.

Hydradermie by Guinot at the Como Metro London
Hydradermie by Guinot (Photo/Como Metropolitan London)


A facial for your back, this treatment eases bacne, ingrown hairs, and dry, irritated skin. The process blends the comfort of a massage with the cleansing and exfoliating products of a facial scrub. We love bacials for because upper backs are a hard spot to care for at home. With the bacial offered by Toronto’s Bode Spa, a male-only mecca that aims to make the spa experience part of the dude lexicon, you’ll melt into a 60-minute treatment that cleanses, scrubs, extracts (if needed), and moisturizers. After all, your NYE kiss may lead to something more and shoulder zits aren’t so sexy. If you’re not in Toronto, look for bacial or back facial on your local spa menu, or check out some other men-only spas.

Korean Sauna

So you don’t want a facial or pedicure (the inner Ron Swanson may not allow it). However, you can still enjoy the purifying relaxation of a Korean sauna experience before ringing in the new year. Four Seasons Hotel Seoul’s Spa For Men has the ultimate version with a men’s dry and wet sauna room; relaxation zones with a TV lounge; cold, warm, and hot baths; and a collection of beds put out specifically for mid-day naps. Meander at your own pace like the lone-shark you are, soaking in this traditional Korean experience. We understand not everyone can jet to South Korea before the year ends, but there are most likely similar spas or experiences in your town.

Four Seasons Hotel Seoul’s Spa For Men
Four Seasons Hotel Seoul’s Spa For Men

At-Home Mask

For a last-minute glow, stop by the store and pick up the Yes To grapefruit paper mask that will brighten your face in only 10 minutes the same way an hour-long facial can. This mask, which doesn’t take any scrubbing or water wash, can be applied to your face right before you head at the door. Grapefruit and vitamin C help refine pores and bring much-needed moisture to your dry mug. Feeling a little tingle? Don’t worry, that means it’s working. After removing the paper sheet (you may need to stretch the eyes and mouth some), rub the remainder of the goo into your skin and go along your way. The glow will last all night.

While you’re getting ready to party, you can put on this thumping New Year’s Eve playlist we whipped up:


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