Exfoliate: The Manual’s 7 Favorite Men’s Face Scrubs

mens face scrub

Adding another step to your grooming routine is the last thing you want to do, but hear us out. You need to exfoliate with a scrub in order to reap the benefits of the other products you’re already using. It makes sense when you think about: Shedding the surface layer of dead skin cells will give shaving creams, beard oils, and moisturizers a chance to really sink into your clear pores. Scrubbing can prevent acne-causing oil build-up and free ingrown hairs that lead to annoying razor bumps. It also prepares your face for a super close shave. You only need to polish your mug once or twice a week to unearth healthy skin. Here are The Manual’s favorite men’s face scrubs.

Billy Jealousy Sucker Punch Face Scrub, $18

Billy Jealousy

Knock out your blemishes, blackheads, and ingrown hairs with this grime-busting scrub from Billy Jealousy. Dead skin cells are no match for this powerful combination of Tahitian volcanic black sand, crushed walnut shells, vitamins, and essential oils. Conditioning Neem, white tea, and green tea extracts will protect your face from environmental damage while nourishing your skin.

Urth Scrub Green Tea & Rice Deep Cleansing Treatment, $25

urth skin solutions scrub

A men’s face scrub shouldn’t be harsh or abrasive. Micro-fine rice granules lift impurities and blackheads while herbal extracts like green yea and ginseng improve skin tone and texture. The rest of the formulation contains the most nourishing ingredients for your skin. Sooth your derm with peppermint oil, tea tree oil, ginseng, chamomile extract, and vitamins C and E.

Clinique For Men Face Scrub, $22

clinique for men face scrub

A good men’s face scrub can be the MVP of your pre-shave game. Clinique’s For Men Face Scrub is made from fine, non-abrasive grains that will lift up your beard hairs and expose the hair follicle, allowing your razor blade to get in super close. Your skin will feel as smooth as a baby’s … well, you know.

Penhaligon’s No. 33 Beard & Face Scrub, $24

penhaligon face and beard scrub

Nobody likes a flake. If you need to get rid of beardruff, try exfoliating in the shower. The steam will soften your beard and open your pores so that you can really work the scrub into the skin beneath your facial hair. The natural apricot kernels in this formulation will loosen the dead skin cells and free ingrown hairs. And it works just as well if you’re the clean-shaven type. Slather it on in an upward, circular motion to deep clean pores and clear your complexion.

DTRT First Thing First, $25

DTRT First Thing First Face Scrub

If your skin is sensitive, irritated, or inflamed with shaving bumps, skip the abrasive facial exfoliation. Instead, try this gentle, creamy scrub made from natural apricot seed kernel powder. It delicately lifts the dead skin cells while Ghassoul clay absorbs skin impurities and excess oil.

Scotch Porter Charcoal and Licorice Face Scrub, $18

scotch porter face scrub

Lighten up! When your pores are congested, your skin can appear dull and tired. If you want a younger, brighter looking face — and who doesn’t — you should exfoliate at least twice a week. This botanical- and charcoal-infused men’s face scrub is 100 percent vegan and clears the daily grime using only natural ingredients, leaving your skin looking refreshed and revived.

Grooming Lounge Mug Scrubber, $24

Grooming Lounge Mug Scrubber

Healthy skin is all about balance. While it’s important to degunk your pores, be careful not to completely strip all the moisture from your skin. Get it just right with this refreshing peppermint-scented men’s face scrub from Grooming Lounge. Biodegradable jojoba beads exfoliate, jojoba seed oil moisturizes and soothes, and allantoin locks in the moisture for your smoothest mug ever.