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What’s the Deal with Infrared Saunas?

Howard x Higher DOSE sauna
Self care and conscience hospitality aren’t the first things that come to mind when visiting New York City. Let’s face it, the city that never sleeps isn’t known for its peaceful retreats. Which is exactly why weary world travelers and chic SOHO locals have fallen for 11 Howard in all its Scandinavian designed glory.

If you’re looking for a really warm welcome, the hotel’s collaboration with HigherDOSE is the talk of NYC’s trendy wellness scene. These infrared saunas promise to get you hot, sweaty, and high, and don’t disappoint. The temperature is set at upwards of 150 degrees and will leave you glistening and gleaming. Think hot yoga glow without the downward facing dog. If you’re not already familiar, sweat therapy and infrared saunas can improve your health and vitality in so many ways.

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Howard x Higher DOSE sauna
  • Rough night? Detoxify from the debauchery of 11 Howard’s hip club The Blond while sweating out the other environmental toxins of the day.
  • Can you feel it? For sure! This treatment can burn over 600 calories while you relax. As your body starts to cool itself down, your heart rate climbs melting fat and inflammation.
  • Need a lift? You’ll look better after HigherDOSE’s skin rejuvenating infrared lights that promise to boost collagen production and reduce wrinkles.
  • Stuck in coach? Infrared heat therapy can also relieve muscle tension and improve circulation. It can help speed your recovery from a grueling workout.

You don’t have to be a hotel guest to book a 45-minute, immunity boosting sweat session. They are open until 10 pm and you can bring a friend. What should you wear? Glad you asked. Your free to rock a bathing suit or your birthday suit. HigherDOSE will provide the hydration, towels and a shower. Sit back, relax, plug into the enhanced sound system, turn up your chilliest play list and enjoy the high. Now that’s hot.

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