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Way Day 2022: Get a Sauna Delivered to Your Door for $90

Saunas can be therapeutic for relaxation and skin care, and are actually part of fitness entrepreneur Devon Levesque’s personal care routine, although unfortunately they tend to be rather expensive. Thankful, single-use saunas are a perfect alternative, and with Wayfair having a big sale, you can get one for pretty cheap. We’ve gathered some of the best single or double-use saunas around that won’t necessarily break the bank while still giving you a great experience.

Ancheer Single-Person Portable Traditional Steam Sauna — $89, was $117

Ancheer Single Person Portable Traditional Steam Sauna.

One benefit of low-cost personal saunas like these is that they’re great if you don’t have a lot of space to set up one permanently, and with this Ancheer portable sauna, you can set it up whenever you need in one minute. With it comes an 800-watt evaporator with a 2-liter steam pot and nine different temperature adjustments, all of which you can control through the included remote. The tent is made of satin, polyester fiber, and a layered cotton jacket, which provide excellent heat and water retention properties, so you it won’t leak. It even has two zipper openings for your hands so you can read a book or use a tablet.

Kento Single-Person Indoor Sauna — $195, was $250

Kento Single Person Indoor Sauna.

One of the advantages of a sauna that you can sit in completely is that it can treat and relax all parts of your body while you’re able to still do stuff inside relatively comfortably, such as with the Kento Single-Person Indoor Sauna. It’s easy to take apart and put together so that you can move it around, and it stores in a small space, so it’s not intrusive either. Plus, you also get a nice collapsible chair to go inside it. The 1000W evaporator is also pretty powerful, with a maximum temperature of 65 F, and it has a medicine box and remote, so you don’t have to be going in and out constantly to adjust it.

Dynamic Infrared 2-Person Indoor FAR Infrared Sauna — $2,000, was $2,999

Dynamic Infrared 2-Person Indoor FAR Infrared Sauna.

If you’re looking for something slightly different, this sauna from Dynamic Saunas uses FAR infrared as the heating element, rather than the traditional way of heating rocks that you then pour water over to create steam. The upshot is that FAR infrared takes less time to heat — about 10-15 minutes, although it has a much lower higher temperature of 150 F compared to 200 F of a traditional sauna. Even so, it will cause you to sweat a bit more, so it’s perfect for those who want an easy sauna solution that doesn’t get uncomfortably hot.