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Red wine glass in vineyard

Wine 101: Everything you ever wanted to know about cabernet sauvignon

Everything you ever wanted to know about Cabernet Sauvignon - where it's from, why it's great, and more
Tequila Avian

This unique Manhattan recipe is better than expected, and we have to give our tequila choice all the credit

Want to liven-up your Manhattan recipe? Try tequila (specifically this one).
Hands toasting with moscow mules

Keto drinks: These low-carb cocktails are perfect for your New Year’s Eve party

These low carb cocktails won't make New Year's Day such a struggle.
Happy friends clinking glasses with fresh cocktails in bar

5 easy drinks to order at a bar when it’s a really busy night

If the bar you're at is really busy, order one (or more!) of these 5 drinks - your bartender will secretly thank you
Wine bottles

Costco sells a $3,700 bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon, which usually has a 12-year waitlist

Premium wine at Costco? You can get a $3,700 bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon at a Costco in California now.
Zac Young's Bourbon Chocolate Stumps

Chef Zac Young’s clever bourbon chocolate cake recipe is whimsical winter perfection on a plate

A bourbon chocolate cake recipe is not hard to come by, but celebrity chef Zac Young's fun take might take the cake (pun intended).
hangover bed water

How to prevent a hangover: 4 steps you should always take before heading to bed after a busy night of drinking

While it's not possible to always prevent a hangover, it's best to do what you can to reduce symptoms before they occur
Person pouring a line of shots in a bar

Do these 4 things to make a busy bartender like you more

Bartenders have a lot going on, and doing these 4 things will make them like you more when it's busy
Shelves of vodka

Our favorite vodka you can get under $25 is legitimately good (we promise)

Not only are there myriad flavorful, aromatic vodkas well-suited for slow-sipping, but you also don’t have to pay a proverbial arm and leg to get them.
Champagne coups

The 5 best Champagne options under $50 for your New Year’s celebration

Happy new year! Looking to celebrate in style without breaking the bank? These champagne bottles are all under $50, and taste great
Wine bottle punt

Why there’s a bump in the bottom of wine bottles

The reasoning behind the wine bottle punt has as many layers as a good class of burgundy, from stability to an old-timey way of cutting bar patrons off.
Eggnog with spicy cinnamon for Christmas and winter holidays

Mojito, mule, and more: A festive mocktail recipe guide for New Year’s Eve

Fall and winter inspire great cocktails, but it's also a great time to explore mocktails. Mojitos, coquitos, mules, ad more - all right here
Chicken puff pastry

Chicken dinner ideas: These simple Dijon chicken puff pastries feel fancy and take minutes to prepare

Our favorite chicken dinner ideas are easy to prepare and incredibly delicious. This dijon chicken with puff pastry recipe fits the bill.

Cocktails in 2024: Drink pros say these trends will dominate

Bartenders share insight on the cocktails we'll all be drinking in 2024.
Glasses with bubbling Champagne

The best sparkling wines, according to sommeliers

Sparkling wine is a vast category of varying styles and options. Here are the best of the bunch, according to sommeliers.
Red apples laying on a surface

The best foods and spices to boost your immune system this winter

Need an immune system booster? These foods and spices will have you feeling your best in no time.
Gim gimlet in coupe glasses

These are the best gin mixers to have in your home bar

The joy of gin is you can use a number of different mixers for simple, delicious drinks. Here are the best gin mixers you should have on hand for cocktails.
Person using a chef's knife

Know your knife: A guide to the best steel for knives

We've put together a guide to some of the most common — and best — knife steels so you can make a more informed decision next time you buy a blade.
Dewar's Hot Toddy

Our simple hot toddy recipe is an instant winter classic

Learn all about the origins of the hot toddy, as well as a classic hot toddy recipe anyone can make.
Citrus pomegranate Champagne twist

The best Champagne cocktail recipes to level up your New Year’s Eve party

We all love a good glass of Champagne. But when you take this delicious bubbly beverage and make a cocktail out of it, something truly magical happens.
Chopping onions

These are the most important cooking skills everyone should know

While food delivery apps are great, learning some basic kitchen techniques is a pretty important life skill. Here are some of the best ones to master.
Fried tarantulas

Weird food? The most interesting culinary delicacies from around the world

Would you eat fried tarantulas? Would you drink anything called "snake wine?" Check out these and other weird food options from around the world.
Eggs in a carton

Why are eggs so expensive? What pasture raised eggs, cage-free eggs, and organic eggs mean

Ever wonder why eggs are so expensive? So have we - so we dug in to find out what pasture-raised eggs, cage-free eggs, and organic eggs really mean
Breckenridge downtown at night

The best places to eat or grab a drink in Breckenridge, CO

Traveling to Breckenridge? Here are all the best places to eat and grad a drink while you're in town
Two cups of hot toddies with cinnamon sticks on a piece of cloth.

End the day right with the 6 best nightcap cocktails

A well-made nightcap cocktail is the preface to a good night's sleep. Here's more on the drinks and be sure to give these nightcap cocktails a try.
A warm cup of coffee and spoon on a saucer with coffee beans

Stone Street Coffee, Peet’s Coffee, Kona Gold, and more: These are our favorite coffee bean brands

With the best coffee beans, you can elevate your coffee-drinking experience to new levels. Here's what to stock up on for a great cup.
Fresh avocadoes in half

The superfood benefits of the amazing avocado

Avocados are more than culinary powerhouses. In this guide, we’ll dig into some fundamentals and not-so-well-known facts of our beloved green supreme.

Everything you ever wanted to know about peated Scotch whisky

What is peat? Learn all about the secret ingredient to your favorite smoky Scotch whisky.
Whiskey Glass

Why you should fat-wash your whiskey in brown butter

Fat-washing can enrich your whiskey. This is why you should opt for brown butter.
Cocktail bitters

Cocktail bitters 101: Everything you need to know about the ingredients that will make your drinks as good as the pros

Since we’re only at the beginning of how important bitters are to a well-constructed cocktail, let’s take a deep dive into this mysterious ingredient.
Tequila on a wood table

Tequila: 5 easy ways to tell what’s quality and what’s not when buying your next bottle

Tequila isn't just for poor college kids anymore. Here's how to find premium, top-shelf tequila in a saturated market.
Emperical Doritos

Doritos now sells a nacho cheese-flavored ‘spirit’ because why not (and it’s not the first weird spirit we’ve seen)

If you like weird liquor flavors, you'll love these unique spirits.
saffron flowers

What is saffron and why is it so expensive?

Ever wondered why such a small amount of saffron is so expensive? We explain what saffron is, why it costs so much, and how you can use it
straight whiskey

Straight bourbon probably isn’t what you think – here’s the truth

When people drink liquor straight, they usually mean no ice and no mixers. But straight bourbon means something different.
Candied pecans

Candied pecans are good on everything and make a great last minute gift: Here’s how to make them

Follow this candied pecans recipe for a fantastic holiday treat.
Phyllo pastries

Easy appetizers: This is the secret ingredient you need for the holidays

You may be familiar with baklava, the traditional Greek dessert for which phyllo is so famous, but this flakey pastry is so much more than baklava.

Old-fashioned, mojito, martini: Your favorite drinks can be the perfect Christmas cocktails

These easy cocktails will be a hit at every holiday celebration this December.

Air fryer arancini: Your favorite appetizer just got a lot easier to make

Air fryer arancini are every bit as delicious as the deep fried version, but with none of the extra calories.
Ski beer

Après-ski guide: The best liquors and beer to take with you

Apres ski doesn't mean you have to hit the bar. These are the best liquors and beers to take with you to the mountain.
Pint of beer

Corona, Guinness, and more: The most popular beers and beer brands in America, ranked

Corona or Guiness? What about Heineken? These are the most popular beers in America, ranked

Ilegal mezcal, Creyente mezcal, and more great smoky mezcals to sip all winter long

Looking for great smoky mezcal bottles to sip all winter long? We've got some grat options form ilegal, creyente, and more
Jack Daniel's

4 things we love about Jack Daniel’s new whiskey (and 1 we don’t)

This expression is made using the same recipe as the original Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey we all know and love with an added twist.
Rick Martinez with Topo Chico

Rick Martinez teams up with Topo Chico for 3 delicious holiday recipes you can make at home

Ready to cook? Rick Martinez and Topo Chico have some great new recipes you can make at home!
Red wine glass in vineyard

Wine 101: Everything you ever wanted to know about Merlot

Merlot is one of the most popular wines. Learn all about this dry red wine with dark fruit flavors.
Close-up of crab legs

Make the most of your leftovers: How to reheat crab legs so they’re just as good the next day

Where's the fun in eating cold crab legs? Reheat your crab legs to perfection with an oven, steamer, microwave, air fryer, or grill.
Chicken tortilla soup

How to make incredible chicken tortilla soup in less than 15 minutes

Chicken tortilla soup is an easy weeknight dinner, and with this tasty recipe, it'll get even easier.
Warm orange cardamom bread

How to make bread using a KitchenAid mixer

Are you on a homemade bread kick? This is how to make bread using your stand mixer. There's nothing better.
Person pouring a line of shots in a bar

How many shots are in a handle of liquor? We’ll walk you through it

Here are some helpful ways to figure out how many handles you and your buddies will need for your next drinking party.
KOW steak tomahawks

Meet the mail-order wagyu beef company prized by Gordon Ramsay and David Chang

Jon Urbana of KOW Steaks teaches us all about high-quality American Wagyu.
Friends playing drinking card game

Cards Against Humanity, Sotally Tober, and more: The best drinking card games to beat the winter blues

Remember King's Cup? There are tons more fun drinking card games out there you can try at your next party.