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Seafood pasta

Clams vs mussels: The differences explained

What's the difference between these two mollusks, and how are they best used in your dishes at home?
grasshopper cocktail

Secrets revealed: Easy ways to elevate your cocktail game from a pro mixologist

Want to make better cocktails? Heed to this wisdom from a top bartender.
Tequila shot with salt

The best añejo tequilas to prepare for Cinco de Mayo

As we’ve grown, we’ve realized we prefer something with a little more complexity. That’s why this year we’re going to sip añejo tequila.
Meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, and crispy onion straws from Joy's Cafe

How to make a killer meatloaf (and it’s easier than you think)

A favorite of family meals and diners, a well-made meatloaf is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, and is simple to make at home.
A mojito cocktail sitting on the bar

How to make a mojito: The ultimate cocktail recipe

A step-by-step guide for how to make the perfect mojito. Make sure to save this cocktail recipe for later.
Gim gimlet in coupe glasses

How to make the best vodka gimlet for a twist on a classic

Instead of gin, use neutral-flavored, never show-stealing vodka instead.
Fresh and dried basil on a wooden surface

How to dry fresh basil: 5 ways to preserve this essential herb

Are you wondering how to dry fresh basil for your dishes? There are five simple ways to go about it at home.
Three hot dogs with different topppings

The 8 best hot dog topping alternatives you need to try

Beef up your hot dog game by adding these hot dog toppings to your list and make your dogs all the more delicious.
White wine

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pinot Grigio, the perfect sipping wine

If ever there was a perfect sipping wine, Pinot Grigio would have to be it.
Cauliflower steak with peppercorn sauce

The 5 best vegetarian and vegan dishes to try right now

It's a wonderful time of year for fresh produce to make vegetarian dishes. These vegan and vegetarian meals are perfect for any day of the week.
Last Word cocktail

How to make The Last Word cocktail, a gin classic from another era

The Last Word is a classic gin cocktail that's come back to life as of late. Here's how to make one like a pro.
Gose beer

Gose-style beers are perfect for spring, and these are our favorites

This tart, salty, thirst-quencher is usually between 4-5% ABV. This results in a crushable, salty, crisp beer.

Cocktail classics: the Negroni and its millions of variations

If you're a long-time negroni drinker and you're looking to try something new then we've got suggestions on some of the many variations you can try.
A world map with a cup of coffee and a passport near it.

Try coffee from around the world, delivered to your door every month

Want great coffee through your door each month? Atlas Coffee Club is the subscription for you with great tasting coffee that's perfect in every way.
Vodka martini with olives in a martini glass

How to craft a heavenly vodka martini: Shaken or stirred

The vodka martini is perhaps the most classic of classic cocktails. Find out its origins as well as how to make a home bar-worthy vodka martini here.
Knife blades closeup

This is how to sharpen a serrated knife the right way

When it comes to maintaining this rather fearsome blade, things can get a bit tricky
White wine glass tip

Far older than you think: A beginner’s guide to Mexican wine

You might not think of Mexico as a wine-producing country, but they've been doing it since the 16th century. Here's what to know.
The Big Green Egg Chiminea.

Big Green Egg brings back a fan-favorite item for a limited time

The updated Big Green Egg Chiminea wows to celebrate 50 years in business, and it will take a gathering around the fire to a new level.
the best home bar glassware version 1612854960 for your 2021

How to start your own home bar: the tools and mixers

From mixers to tools to glasswear, we're rounding up everything you'll need to turn a corner of your kitchen into a great home bar.

We know the most popular cocktails — Try these underrated drinks instead

Why not give the slightly less beloved (but equally delicious) cocktails a chance?
A vineyard in the Russian River Valley between Guerneville and Healdsburg, California.

These are the wine regions in jeopardy due to climate change, study says

Climate change affects all. The wine industry will look very different by the end of this century, according to a new study.
cooked elk with cup

Upgrade your next barbecue with elk, the healthy red meat you should be eating

If you're looking for a healthy beef replacement, look no further than elk. We interview First Light Farms to learn all about this healthy red meat.
Dirty Martini

This is how to make the perfect dirty martini

If salt and brine are what you’re after though, you’d probably prefer the Dirty Martini.
A trio of whiskeys

Ranked: 5 popular Scotch whisky bottles (all under $50)

Finding the best budget-friendly Scotch whisky expressions is all about your taste.
Closeup of croissant lobster

How to brunch like the French with lobster croissant and champagne

Learn how to brunch like the French with lobster croissant, cocktails, and frog legs. Maison Close, a New York-based French restaurants, teaches us how.
Ducks in the Pig Pen

The 11 best grill and smoker recipes to make now

Whether you prefer gas, charcoal, or pellets, we've gathered a few mouthwatering grill recipes for you to make at home.
Pea puree with fish

Your guide to the pescatarian diet for healthier living

Are you thinking of changing your diet? If a healthier you is on the to-do list this year, you might consider the pescatarian diet.
Brandy in the sunlight

Cognac vs. brandy: What’s the difference?

What's the difference between brandy and cognac? Turns out, it's all about region, grapes, and process. Here's the breakdown.
KitchenAid Espresso machine

This fan-favorite kitchen brand just launched a new espresso machine collection

If you - like us - value a great espresso machine more than you probably should, this collection is the perfect place to look. 
Alcoholic cocktail with pieces of fruit and berries in a bowl

Get creative: How to use hibiscus in your cocktails this spring

Hibiscus is a great ingredient to use in cocktails. Here are a handful of spring-forward recipes.
ooni koda pizza oven review

From $350 to $1,399: The 5 best outdoor pizza ovens in 2024

If you're thinking about buying an outdoor pizza oven but you're currently overwhelmed by all of the options, you should check out our recommendations here.
The caviar at Hancock St. with potato chips and champagne

What is caviar? A seafood expert breaks down all the details

Delicate and buttery, caviar is a luxurious delicacy. To guide us, caviar expert John McDonald of Hancock St. teaches us how to enjoy this prized ingredient.
Pork carnitas tacos

How to make the perfect carnitas, according to a chef

Carnitas are the go-to Mexican filler for tacos, burritos, and everything in between. Check out how to make carnitas to perfection.
A person cutting up tomatoes for a healthy meal

The 10 best brunch recipes for restaurant-quality meals at home

Brunch season is here! Check out these 10 recipes from chefs and other food pros to make your own brunch at home.
Gin and tonic lime lemon rosemary

The 10 best gins for a refreshing gin and tonic

When it comes to refreshing gin and tonics, these are the spirits to reach for.
Sliced steak on cutting board

How to reverse sear for a flawless steak every time

This delicious method requires absolutely no specialized equipment - just an oven and a good-quality pan. 
Steel Hibiscus cocktail.

You’re overlooking the most important ingredient in your cocktail

However I think there's one ingredient that can make or break a good cocktail, and it's something many drinkers don't ever stop to consider.
Home Bar

How to start your own home bar: the essential spirits

Most cocktail experts agree that there are a few spirits that are required for a well stocked bar, and we've compiled a list of what to buy.
Rose wine glasses

The 10 best rosé wines that everyone should drink

Whether you're looking for a cheap bottle or a healthier drink, we got you covered with the best rosés for this season and beyond.
Chef Jack Strong.

The Native American cuisine movement is on the rise

Native cuisine has been here longer than any food trend imaginable. Now, it's gaining some long overdue attention and sparking a movement.
Beer foaming over the glass

The freshest pilsners to drink this spring

While the great American beers of Budweiser and Miller claim pilsner lineage, there are plenty of full-flavored options to show what the style really is.

American cheese isn’t really cheese: The truth behind the burger topping staple

What exactly is American cheese and is it healthy to consume? We'll break down the details of this popular burger topping.
most popular cocktails friends toasting with

These are the 10 most popular cocktails in the U.S.

The ten most popular cocktails in the US, according to NielsenQ data.
Rose wine in ice bucket

Don’t make this super common mistake when chilling wine in an ice bucket

Even with all the fancy products available, it's hard to beat an ice bath when it comes to chilling wine. Here's how to get the technique right.
Whiskey in a glass

This is why you add water to whiskey (plus, our best tips)

One of the best ways to heighten your whiskey-tasting experience is to add water. We aren’t talking about a cup of water, we’re talking about a few splashes.
casamigos jalapeno tequila release cindy crawford casamigas jalape o tif

Where to get George Clooney, Cindy Crawford-backed Casamigos Jalapeño Tequila

Casamigos thinks that the spicy, thin, bright green pepper we love to add to salsa, tacos, and guacamole deserves its time to shine in the alcohol world.
grasshopper cocktail

The grasshopper drink is a retro blast from the past — this is how to make it

This dessert-like, after-dinner drink tastes like a fresh, boozy mint.
Whiskey glass

5 fan-favorite budget bourbon bottles, ranked

We selected five of the best, fan-favorite budget bourbon bottles and ranked them based on value-to-quality ratio.
Wine barrel barrique

What is a barrique? Exploring wine’s most popular barrel size

Barriques are the most common size and type of barrels in the wine game and are lauded for their functionality and ability to mature fermented juice.
Jefferson's Bourbon Rye.

Jefferson’s Bourbon makes the most well-traveled spirits you’ll ever drink

Jefferson's Bourbon has made aging at sea cool again. Here's what else the producer is up to as American whiskey continues to make strides.