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Watch BridgePort Brewing Send an IPA into Space

Forget the SpaceX launch. BridgePort Brewing (from Portland, Oregon) just sent a bottle of its celebrated Original IPA into outer space.
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Switchel Up Your Drinking Routine with This American Classic

Switchel is as American as apple pie (but quenches your thirst a heck of a lot better).
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9 Valentine’s Day Cocktails to Say ‘I Love You’

There are times when boxes of chocolate, roses, and a fancy dinner just won't do. Instead of being predictable, wow your significant other with these lovely Valentine's Day cocktails.
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Would You Eat (and Pay for) the World’s Most Expensive Soup?

A special fungus from China is what makes this soup at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas one of the most expensive soups in the world.
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Seductively Delicious Aphrodisiac Recipes to Cook at Home this Valentine’s Day

Cancel those reservations and stay in with these seductively delicious aphrodisiac recipes. Caviar, chile, scallops, and chocolate — all you need now is the Barry White tunes.

Beards, Booze, and Bacon: For the Love of Food

On this week's episode of Beards, Booze, and Bacon: The Manual Podcast, we talk about two of our favorite things: food and love. (Well, we love food.) Joining us for this round is Lauren Utvich, a Charleston-based food stylist…
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Open Containers and Craft Breweries: A Mardi Gras Beer Guide

Which craft beers to drink and where to buy them in New Orleans, LA.

More than Just Beads: A Brief History of Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a holiday known for beads, cocktails, and king cake, but do you know its origins?
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Egg-cellent Breakfast in Bed Recipes Perfect for a Valentine’s Day Surprise

Egg Shop's chef Nick Korbee dishes on how you can impress your significant other with these delicious breakfast in bed recipes.
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This Chilean Brewery Makes Beer from Desert Fog

Brothers Miguel and Marco Carcuro make fog beer from, you guessed it, actual fog at Cerverceria Atrapaniebla, a brewery in the Atacama Desert of Chile.
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Visit 53 World-Class Distillers on the Colorado Spirits Trail

Whiskey, vodka, rum, absinthe… hitch up the horse and buggy and get to boozin’ in CO. The first 25 people to complete the entire Colorado Spirits Trail will be sent a signed bottle from each of the 53 locations. Holy liquor heaven…
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It’s in the Glass: The 5 Best Red Wines for Valentine’s Day

Vivino's Joel Caruso serves up five of the best red wines for Valentine's Day. Sante!
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Tu, Charleston, South Carolina’s Best New Place to Eat is Too Good

Charleston's latest restaurant goes for a global vibe which is a welcome relief from the standard shrimp and grits.
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Welcome to Cervecería Mahina: The World’s Most Remote Brewery

If you want “the secret taste of Easter Island," you’re going to have to travel a long way to get it.
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The Walking Reds: New AR App Pits You Against the Walkers on these ‘Walking Dead’ Wines

The dead shall rise (along with your ABV) when you drink these The Walking Dead wines.
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Our First Taste of Samuel Adam’s New Ale and Lager Hybrid, Sam ’76

The age-old question: lager or ale? Samuel Adam's answer: how about both? Sam '76 combines two recipes into one beer, and the result is surprising.

Shaken and Stirred: A Mixologist’s Mixtape

This Spotify playlist has been mixed to provide maximum ambiance for all of your bartending and cocktail-sipping needs.
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All the Gear You Need to Make Breakfast in Bed for V-Day

Get up early and give your significant other the gift of breakfast in bed this year this Valentine's Day. Here's all the gear you need to get it right.
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Celebrate National Pizza Day with this Hearty Mushroom Pie Recipe

Chef Dale Talde of Massoni in New York City shares his delicious mushroom pan pizza recipe.
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The Sweet, Sweet Science of Chocolate: Why Does It Taste So Good?

For more info on the science of chocolate — and how to craft the tastiest chocolate pairings this V-Day — we turned to Thierry Muret, Executive Chef Chocolatier at GODIVA.
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We Tried the Meatless Impossible Burger and Definitely Didn’t Hate It

The Impossible Burger does, well, the impossible by tasting exactly like beef even though it's made entirely from vegetables. Trust us — we tried it at Jackrabbit Restaurant, a meat-centric eatery in Portland, Oregon.
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This Magnet Lets You Order Booze by Tapping it With Your Phone

All you have to do is tap the fridge magnet with your phone. Seriously.
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Chef Hugh Acheson Shares Some of His Tastiest Slow Cooker Recipes

Get ready to make mind-blowing food — with time to spare — thanks to these recipes from chef Hugh Acheson's newest cookbook.