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Chris Illuminati

Chris Illuminati

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Chris Illuminati is the author of five books and his writing has been featured on websites such as Rolling Stone, Men’s Health, and AskMen. He spends his free time running, reading, and writing jokes on post-it notes.

Tom Hardy and Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The 11 best superhero movies of all time

Relive all of the big moments, one-liners, and triumphs of our favorite comic book characters on the big screen with our list of the best superhero movies.
A man sleeping peacefully in his bed getting a good night's sleep.

How does melatonin work and how much do you need?

Learn how melatonin is created in the body, the types of people who should take it, and the possible side effects of taking melatonin supplements.
A man sitting on a wall and holding a glass of beer by the sunset.

Should you wait to drink alcohol after working out? Your questions answered

Rewarding yourself with a cold one after exercising seems harmless, but should you wait to drink alcohol after a workout? Let's find out.
A man sits on a bean bag chair.

Relax in style and comfort with the best bean bag chairs

Bean bag chairs now come in countless shapes, sizes, and durable outer materials. Here are the best bean bag chairs for adults.
best sports documentaries young male football player on pitch  low section night

The 16 best sports documentaries of all time

From a team of misfit ballplayers to golf prodigies under 5-feet tall, these are some of the best sports documentaries of all time.
An open kitchen junk drawer filled with assorted home items.

How to Organize Your Junk Drawer So It’s Not a Disaster

Every few months, cleaning the junk drawer is a task that tops a person's daily to-do list. Fret not because here's a guide on how to organize your junk drawer.
The Best Self-Help Books for Men

The Best Self-Help Books for a Better Perspective on Life

These are the best self-help books for a healthier perspective on life and how to view the world around you.
Man in gray jacket doing push ups during sunrise.

How To Get Motivated To Work Out When You Don’t Want to

Finding the motivation to work out isn't hard. There are countless ways to get motivated but here are a few ideas that will help.
speedland slpdx trail sneaker review spdx train sneakers 2

Are These $375 Trail Running Sneakers Worth the High Price?

The best trail running sneakers available today cost around $130-$145. And then there’s the Speedland SL: PDX, clocking in at an eye-popping $375 a pair.
Man with deodorant stains on the armpit area of his blue shirt.

How to Remove Deodorant Stains From Clothes

Removing those embarrassing deodorant stains from your lovely clothes can be done in a blink of an eye if you follow the correct steps.
Man running on a cold day on a road running through the mountains

The 7 Best Tips for Running in Cold Weather

It may be freezing outside, but that shouldn't interfere with your fitness routine. Here are some important tips and gear for running in cold weather.
A cup of hot chocolate surrounded by fall decorations, pine cones, and leaves.

How To Make Hot Chocolate From Scratch This Winter

Hot chocolate is the go-to beverage when the temperature dips below freezing and fresh snowfall covers the ground. Here's how to make hot chocolate from scratch this winter.
desean jackson interview rams

DeSean Jackson on Fashion and Finding a Personal Style

DeSean Jackson and his thoughts on football, fashion, and style.
what are dad jeans mam standing in room at home

What Are Dad Jeans and Should They Be In Your Denim Rotation?

Do you know what dad jeans are? Do you think you have what it takes to pull them off?
Father Carries Son On Hike Through Forest Trail.

6 Tips For Hiking With Kids For The First Time

Thinking about hiking with kids for the first time? Hiking is a family-friendly activity the kids will love if you encourage them to be adventurous.
A drill, level, screws, tape measure and other tools with building plans.

The 12 Tools Every Man Should Have in his Toolbox

From assorted hammers to cordless drills, without these practical tools, a man's toolbox is incomplete.
Young man reading a novel with a cup of coffee next to stack of books.

The Best Mystery Books To Sink Your Teeth Into

Grim days, long nights, and a sinister chill in the air are made for delving into a mystery book.
Menlo House Club Men's Clothing Review.

We Tried The Menlo Club. Here’s Our Honest Review

If you've lost all your passion for shopping for clothes in a mall, a men’s subscription box like Menlo House is a logical alternative.
Sample Of Stitch Fix Subscription Box And Items.

We Tried Stitch Fix for Men. Here’s Our Honest-to-God Review

Stitch Fix for Men launched in 2016, offering a wide spectrum of styles for a personalized shopping experience for every guy.