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grand canyon national park bright angel trail view bright angel lodge

The most popular Grand Canyon trail reopens this week

The Grand Canyon National Park has announced the much-anticipated reopening of Bright Angel Trail and others set for April 15, 2024.
Camper van outfitted with Super Pacific's CloudCap pop-up roof tent parked among a stand of trees.

This rooftop tent kit will turn your van into a pop-top camper for about $12K

Super Pacific's clever CloudCap pop-up tent kit expands your van's living space by converting the unused roof space into a legit "bedroom" with a view.
Two men fly-fishing in a river.

You’ll soon be able to fish year-round at Yellowstone National Park

Great news for anglers! Yellowstone National Park is expanding the fishing season to offer year-round access in two popular locations within the park.
Side view of a Remote Vans camper van with its sliding door open.

Remote Vans drops 3 new camper van models designed for luxury living on the road

With Starlink internet, premium appliances, a hot water shower, and a beefy power system, this van is built for living, working, and traveling almost anywhere.
Rock climbing outside

11 best climbing documentaries to get you pumped for your next adventure

Whether you’re waiting to visit your local crag or are looking to travel to a remote climbing destination, these docs are sure to fill you with inspiration.
A reef knot is tied against a tree

These are the essential outdoor knots every outdoorsman should know

Every outdoorsman needs to know how to tie a knot for all occasions. Here are our most important outdoor knots for camping, backpacking, and survival.
Reading a topographic map

A beginner’s guide on how to read a topographic map

We spoke with an expedition expert to learn some key tips on how to read a topographic map. It's not too complicated, but does require a bit of knowledge.
Fingers holding a map and compass in the outdoors

Ditch the GPS: How to navigate using a map and compass

No matter how advanced technology is, the age-old map and compass are indispensable. Learn how to use them with our quick and easy guide.
A Beginner's Guide to Kayaking

A beginner’s guide to kayaking in the spring

Is there a better way to spend a spring or summer day than in a kayak? Save yourself time and frustration and learn how to kayak with our beginner's guide.
Chef Eduardo Garcia.

Pro tips from Chef Eduardo Garcia for cooking outdoors like a true mountain man

The mountain men of today are self-sufficient but also eat well when outdoors. Here's out to pull of the role.
A breathtaking view of Yellowstone National Park at sunset

Yellowstone vs Yosemite: Which national park should you visit?

Whether you're drawn to the geysers and wildlife of Yellowstone or the granite peaks of Yosemite, both parks promise an encounter with America’s wild side. 
Hands holding trout

The complete guide to cleaning a fish for beginners

Landed a big catch? Nice work! Tasty, fresh fish meat is just a few slices away. Follow this guide to learn how to best prepare a fresh-caught fish.
a group of happy young friends relaxing and enjoying summer evening around campfire on the river bank

Why you can’t depend on first-come, first-served campgrounds this summer

FCFS campgrounds, which don’t require advance reservations, are now being challenged by increased demand.
Frozen chairlift in Tignes, Rhone-Alps, France

This terrifying video proves why ski lift wind holds are a thing

Ski lift wind holds can be frustrating for skiers and riders. But as a recent story shows, wind can wreak havoc on lifts, creating a serious safety hazard.
Fire pit burning wood on a patio

Get ready for outdoor season and learn how to build a fire pit in your backyard

The type of fire pit you should build depends on the style you wish to have, but the amount of time and money you can dedicate are worth considering.
Hiking in France

6 exhilarating hiking movies to inspire your next trek

When you're stuck inside, get a bit of that wild charm by watching hiking movies (both fiction and nonfiction) that put the natural world front and center.
Man looking over a trail's vista

3 lesser-known tips that can save your life on the trail

Make your next hike a safe and enjoyable one with our brief guide on survival tips and hacks, which includes fighting off bears and navigating the wild.
Camping at night

There’s actually a great reason for that red light on your camping headlamp

The red light feature in headlamps is more than just a gimmick. It's a thoughtfully designed solution to a common outdoor problem. Bugs!
Redtail Overland Skyloft Campervan parked next to a river.

Redtail Overland’s new luxe Skyloft camper van is a $500,000 thing of beauty

It has room for four and a long list of luxury amenities, including handmade cabinetry, heated flooring, dual climate control, and serious off-road chops.
The Munds Mountain Trail is a challenging, remote trail in the Munds Mountain Wilderness in Sedona, Arizona.

3 things you need to know about mountain biking in Sedona

Keep these things in mind when mountain biking in Sedona
People heli-skiing in New Zealand

Find a dream heli skiing adventure with this new platform

When booking your first heli-skiing trip, picking an operator can be a daunting task. Heliski International makes it easy, providing impartial, thorough info.
A midsection of a man wielding a hatchet in the outdoors

Get the best camping axes for cutting, chopping, and prepping your way around the campsite

Every outdoorsman needs a quality camping axe. From survivalist specials to lightweight backpacking models, these are the best hatchets.
A view of the Indiana National Dunes Park.

A guide to Indiana Dunes National Park: Where to visit, what to do, and more

The Midwest has its gems, and the Indiana Dunes National Park is definitely one of them. If you haven't made a visit yet, we have the guide to get you there.
Jumping a gap on a mountain biking trail

3 must dos before riding your new mountain bike

You are likely very eager to ride your new mountain bike, but there are a few things you should do first
Two adults riding on Rad Power Bikes e-bkes, the adult in the foreground is riding a RadWagon 5 with two kids in child seats on the back rack.

E-bike pioneer Rad Power Bikes debuts new models with thermal resistant battery

Electric bike pioneer Rad Power Bikes launched four new e-bike models, lower pricing, higher speeds, and heat-resistant batteries.
Skier in Colorado powder

How Vail Resorts is hoping to improve your ski season using AI

From trails to dining, navigating a new ski resort can be confusing. My Epic Assistant changes that, with AI-powered answers, for a seamless day on the hill.
Tesla Cybertruck at a camping site

Expectation vs. reality: Cybertruck Basecamp rooftop tent is another disappointment

The Tesla Cybertruck's $3,000 Basecamp tent looks nothing like it's supposed to, and isn't a particularly easy install.
HYK Outdoors teardrop trailer camper parked in a field.

HYK Outdoors’ clever new teardrop camper trailer is made with eco-friendly cork

Lightweight, recyclable, insulating, and just plain handsome, all-natural cork might be the next "it" building material for teardrop campers.
Side view of Bend Teardrop's new Tall Boy Stand-in teardrop travel trailer.

You can stand in this unique high-roof teardrop trailer (and it sleeps four)

With six feet of interior headspace, Bend Teardrop's Tall Boy is not your average teardrop trailer. Plus, it sleeps four with room for an outdoor kitchen too.
The view from the inside of a tarp tent.

Try these creative ways to use your tarp to stay dry when camping this spring

The tarp is one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor equipment. It's time to get creative and build the perfect tarp shelter for any situation.
Spring powder day snowboarding Palisades

5 reasons you should buy your Ikon Pass for next ski season now

When you're a serious skier or snowboarder, buying a season pass just makes sense. Here's why you should buy next season's Ikon Pass now.
Rear view of SylvanSport's GO All-Terrain Camper Trailer being towed by a Jeep.

SylvanSport’s multifunction GO camper trailer gets an off-grid makeover for tackling the toughest terrain

SylvanSport's GO All-Terrain (GOAT) is a versatile, jack-of-all-trades adventure trailer for camping, gear-hauling, and serious backcountry exploration.
Bowlus Rivet travel trailer being towed by an SUV through a grassy field.

Bowlus debuts the all-new 2025 Rivet travel trailer, and it’s a retro-modern stunner

The 2025 Bowlus Rivet is an all-aluminum travel trailer with retro-modern good looks, serious off-road capability, and bleeding-edge tech throughout.
Couple camping with the new 2023 Escapod TOPO2 Teardrop Trailer.

REI camp kitchen sale: Up to 55% off stoves, cookware, and more

There's a huge sale on camping kitchen gear at REI and we've picked out some of the highlights so you can save big on cooking essentials.
Zero Breeze Mark 2 real off-grid AC being carried

ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is the first real off-grid AC and it’s discounted right now

The ZERO BREEZE Mark 2 is the world's first true off-grid AC that you can take with you camping, in an RV, or while living in a van or off-grid. Stay cool.
Two people hiking together

8 healthy benefits of hiking you need to know

Whether you're an avid hiker or not, you should take a look at these benefits of hiking to get you inspired to plan your next trek.
A clove hitch tied to a fixed point

Learn to tie the clove hitch for when you need a secure, adjustable knot

The clove hitch is the ultimate answer when it comes to tying an adjustable knot. Our guide teaches you to tie this hitch to a fixed point and for a carabiner.
Golf club and ball.

TaylorMade sale: Get up to 37% off drivers, irons, and putters

Amazon has a huge sale on TaylorMade golf clubs with some great discounts on highly-sought after clubs.
fly fishing

A beginner’s guide to fly fishing: Everything you need to know

Fly fishing is a sport that brings a special kind of joy to anybody with a love of the great outdoors. Here's how to get started.
A person holding a Hydro Flask.

How to clean your hydro flask for tang-free hydration

Using your Hydro Flask daily can take a toll on its cleanliness and condition. Here's a guide on how to clean your Hydro Flask properly so it'll last for years.
Pearl Izumi X-Alp Launch flat pedal mountain bike shoe

Is the PEARL iZUMi X-Alp Launch mountain bike shoe for you?

A flat pedal mountain bike shoe with the Boa system? Here's what we thought about the Pearl Izumi X-Alp Launch
Leatherman signal fishing

These are the best multi tools you need to have in your EDC kit, hands down

If there's one tool that you should always have with you, it's a tool that is actually 20 tools in one. These are the best multi-tools for any situation.

The AeroPress portable coffee maker makes a great cup of coffee anywhere, anytime

The AeroPress coffee maker offers a delicious cup of coffee on the go. But is it the best on the market?
Rear corner view of the Tufport Overlander truck camper concept.

This popular truck camper shell maker is debuting its first fully furnished overlander camper

Famed slide-in camper shell maker Tufport just announced their first entry into the overlander camper space, and it’s a fully furnished stunner.

Here’s the super weird reason why the Bellagio fountain was shut down this week

The Bellagio fountain was shut down for nearly 24 hours due to an unexpected guest. Here are the details.
Young man checks water filter alongside river

Stay hydrated on the go with our bulletproof water purification tips

Staying hydrated is key to days on the hill, but carrying heavy water bottles weighs you down. Stay ahead of the game with our water purification tips.
Total Eclipse

RVing to check out April’s solar eclipse? Check out one of these top camping sites for the best views

On April 8th, a total solar eclipse will cross North America. It will begin over the South Pacific Ocean and cross over Mexico, the United States, and Canada. 
watch saves man who fell overboard islands surrounded by boats

This man fell overboard, and wearing a watch helped save his life

After a harrowing ordeal of 24 hours floating in the ocean, a man is saved simply by wearing a watch
Mount Everest Nepal

This is how much it actually costs to climb Mount Everest

We spoke to mountaineers Alan Arnette and Garrett Madison to find out what it takes to summit Mount Everest and how it feels to stand on top of the world.
Various iPhones on a table.

Forget rice: This is how to actually fix a wet iPhone, according to Apple

We all know the story — you're camping, fishing, or skiing and suddenly, you have a wet iPhone. Here's how to fix it.