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How Best to Fest: Music Festival Camping Tips and Gear

Freedom, great music, and good company are a recipe for one helluva weekend, but you want to make it back alive and intact.
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Push the Boundaries of Your Scent with Azzaro Chrome X Under the Pole Cologne

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You Can Literally Text from the North Pole with Somewear Global Hotspot

When professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones is your chief field testing officer, you know you have a solid product.

Best Travel and Adventure Documentaries on Netflix Right Now

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Tips and Essentials for Camping in the Rain

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Escape in Style With the Best Ultra-light Travel Trailers of 2018

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Extra-Large Stand-Up Paddle Boards You Can Raft, Surf, and Literally Party On

It’s time to take the party to the water.
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4 of the Most Dangerous Hikes in the World

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How to Survive a Bear Attack: Brown Bears, Black Bears, Polar Bears, Oh My

The chances of encountering a bear in the wild are slim, but you should always be prepared for the worst.
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Get Equipped for Summer Hiking with the New Danner Mountain 600 Enduroweave

These new boots from Danner are incredibly light, but with leather-like protection.

9 Best Hot Springs Around the World

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A Giant, Floating ‘Sun Shield’ May Be Our Only Hope to Save the Great Barrier Reef

It's 50,000 times thinner than a human hair and 100-percent biodegradable.

Tent Buying Guide: How to Find the Best Tent for Your Trip

This guide will help you find a good shelter quickly so you can get off the computer and back outside.
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Supreme and The North Face Team Up for the Most Visible Outdoor Gear Ever

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Beards, Booze, and Bacon: The Spring Camping Episode

For this week's episode, The Manual crew discusses our favorite tips, prep, and gear for camping in the spring.

Ditch Your Radio, GPS, and Flashlight — Just Bring the Fogo ‘Ultimate Adventure Gadget’

Safety has a cost. GPS, flashlights, and radios are heavy on a hike, but you may wish you had them if you get lost. Enter the Fogo which a single gadget that packs all these devices into one, saving weight and space in your pack. The…

More People Disappear in the Alaska Triangle Than Anywhere in the U.S.

The reason? Definitely wormholes or alien reverse gravity technology.