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World’s Oldest Message in a Bottle Discovered on a Remote Australian Beach

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Stephen Hawking, Acclaimed Theoretical Physicist and Author, Passes at 76

Leaving behind a lasting legacy within the scientific community, renowned author and physicist Stephen Hawking passed away in Cambridge, England early Wednesday morning.

How to Unfu*k Yourself: Unabashed Life Wisdom from Gary John Bishop

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5 Simple Arm Workouts to Get You in Sleeveless Shape

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The Real History of St. Patrick’s Day and Tips for Celebrating the Irish Way

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Cool Toys for Boys (that Dads Will Also Love to Play With)

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Heikinpaiva: Michigan’s Weird, Wonderful, Finnish Winter Festival

Food, games, music, wife-carrying, kicksled racing, karhunpeijäiset — this festival has it all.

Where are the Most Stressed-Out, Drunk, and Overweight Places in the United States?

Which stats is the most stressed? Where will you find the largest concentration of obese Americans? Does your region hold records for booze consumption?

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Cold Showers

Learn discipline, soothe muscles, boost calming hormones, and be more like James Bond.

Spring Running Gear: Must-Haves for Running in Rain and Mild Temperatures

If you've been grinding out miles in the same tired old cross trainers that you bought a couple years ago, it's time to step up your running gear. We've tested the best Spring running gear so you don't have to do any of the leg work, that…

By the Numbers: The 90th Academy Awards

From the amount of money spent on the actual red carpet, to the price of good ole statuette itself, we're doing the Oscars by the Numbers.

All the Reasons to Catch an MLB Spring Training Game in Clearwater, Florida

Here's a quick look at Clearwater, Florida, and why this Gulf Coast town is the perfect spring getaway for a baseball fan.

Lower East and Upper West: A Photo Retrospective of Mid-Century Street Life in NYC

Explore a bygone NYC in the pages of Jonathan Brand's book of photography.

Q&A: Corey Calliet on Training Celebs, Revenge Bodies, and Benching 515 Pounds

Corey Calliet has trained the stars of Star Wars, Black Panther, and more — and now he's training you.

8 of the Weirdest Olympic Sports You Never Knew Existed

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Tighten those Laces and Mark Your Calendars for 2018’s Most Extreme Races

From running an African desert to pedaling a mountain divide, this list has all the best extreme races for 2018.
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What’s this New Foam that Nike is Working On?

Nike Epic React Flyknit, the first shoe to feature the brand's new foam technology, drops on February 22.

How Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Keeps Forging His Own Path

Most of us are lucky to accomplish one really cool thing in our lives. Todd McFarlane — comic book artist, indie entrepreneur, collectible figurine designer, and soon-to-be filmmaker — has a long streak of accomplishments that won't…

The Importance of Goals, Tools, and Cheat Days in Your Daily Routine

You're a quitter. Sometimes. But you've also reached a number of goals throughout your life to get you here. So what differentiates your successes from your failures?

‘Modern Huntsman’ May Change Your Perspective on Hunting

'Modern Huntsman' is a publication with a mission to improve society's perception of hunting, a pastime that should be more Hemingway than Duck Dynasty.
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POTUS Potables: Patriotic Craft Beer to Sip on President’s Day

Drink up this President’s Day with these patriotic beers honoring your favorite founding fathers.