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Ben Affleck in Argo.

The 10 best Ben Affleck movies, ranked

In our list of the best Ben Affleck movies, this versatile actor shows off his unique combination of smarm and charm.
Solgaard sustainable brand

The 11 best sustainable brands for Earth Day (and every day)

Our list of the best sustainable brands for Earth Day includes home, fashion, and travel gear that's practical, stylish, and beneficial to the environment.
An overhead shot of a group of people all reaching for something on a table that has pot smoking items on it.

420: This is the real origin of the haziest day of the year

April 20th has taken on a great significance to those for whom pot is prized. Let's see if we can smoke out what's behind the 420 meaning.
best beards on tv obi wan beard

The best beard styles for men, according to iconic TV characters

Join us as we examine the different styles of beards and facial hair sported by TV characters and decipher what they say about each character.
Cannabis oil extracts in droppers beside marijuana leaves and a marijuana cones in a metal container

What does CBD oil feel like? These are the basics

What does CBD oil feel like? Like all legal drugs, the decision to take CBD is up to you, but this guide may prove helpful as you weigh your options.
best sports documentaries young male football player on pitch  low section night

The 16 best sports documentaries of all time

From a team of misfit ballplayers to golf prodigies under 5-feet tall, these are some of the best sports documentaries of all time.
Image from The Mandalorian

10 shows like The Mandalorian to watch now

The Mandalorian is one of the biggest streaming hits today, but there are other sci-fi TV shows you'll enjoy if you are a fan of Pedro Pascal's space warrior.
Sean Evans and Shaq in Hot Ones Interview 2021

The best Hot Ones episodes: These celebs are our favorites to watch

Hot Ones is hilarious because of its simplicity and humility. Here are the best episodes to watch.
Person using Jackery portable power station outdoors while fishing.

Honor Earth Day with Jackery’s Solar Generator Pro Family

Jackery's new high-end Solar Generator Pro Family introduces the 3000 Pro and 1500 Pro, excellent solar and portable power solutions for nearly any scenario.
Disney Plus - icon

How to watch Disney Plus from almost any device

Have you signed up for Disney Plus? We've got everything you need to know about how to get started on watching things right here.
A busy city street with people everywhere

These are the happiest cities in America

If you think you might be better off in another city, check out the list of the happiest cities in America before you make your next move.
Man and woman watching Netflix

Is binge-watching a dying TV model? Experts weigh in

The decision to have your TV show stream weekly or all at once is one of the hottest topics in the industry right now. Find out what the experts have to say.
Someone about to sink a shot while golfing.

Reading this $10 book can save you thousands on golf lessons

Golf lessons are expensive, but this affordable book can actually save you thousands, and it's only about $10.
Someone hitting a badminton birdie

Weird but true: Did you know badminton shuttlecocks are calibrated? Here’s how it’s done

Have you absolutely whiffed the birdie, wondering how the heck you missed? Here's why your badminton shuttlecock might seem out to get you.
Jim Carrey in a classic face-making stance

The 10 best Jim Carrey movies, ranked

One of the most recognizable names in comedy, Jim Carrey has made a name for himself with some of the best movies of the past few decades.
jeremy strong movies and tv shows

The 10 best Jeremy Strong performances, ranked

Jeremy Strong is one of the best working actors today. We've compiled a list of our favorite performances from him across film and television.
surreal man with telescope looks at infinity from the top of a stack of books in the outdoors.

These are the best fantasy books to indulge in this weekend

Eager to enter the world of dragons and wizards? These books are an excellent starting point and guide to fantasy literature.
Earth as seen from outer space

The 5 best sci-fi movies to stream on HBO Max right now

HBO Max has a ton of great content, including a bunch of incredible sci-fi movies. Here are our five favorites.
spinal tap band

The 16 best music movies of all time to watch now

Music has played a huge role in film since the beginning, but in some cases, it becomes absolutely central
A vial of LSD.

LSD-assisted therapy: How it differs from other psychedelic experiences

Here's everything you need to know about the experience and benefits of LSD. Get ready to get weird.
best john steinbeck books our essential reading list ranked

8 essential John Steinbeck books everyone should read

John Steinbeck's books spur adventure and encourage compassion. Here are his best literary works, from hard-boiled reporting to whimsical allegories.
A couple showing each other kindness.

Science says this is the No. 1 trait that makes men attractive to others

What is the essential quality that all attractive men share? Studies show that the most important trait has nothing to do with looks.

The 10 best comedy movies on Netflix

To keep your spirits up and your funny bone fine-tuned, we've handpicked the 10 best comedy movies to stream on Netflix right now.
man with a journal

How to start journaling to support your own wellbeing in 2023

Along with working out consistently, writing in a journal has been shown to help people set priorities, establish goals, and live with intention.
wes anderson asteroid city trailer

Wes Anderson’s star-studded ‘Asteroid City’ trailer is exactly what you want it to be

Wes Anderson is one of the best directors working today, and his new film "Asteroid City" helps prove this sentiment.
A row of houses on a neighborhood street

Want a work-life balance? You’d have to work a 200-hour week to afford a home in this small city

Feel the workweek weighing you down? Thinking about moving? Before you pack, check out these cities that would leave you with zero work-life balance.
Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez in Only Murders in the Building.

The best Hulu original shows to watch now

Hulu's got plenty of great original shows that complement its deep streaming library.
best tom cruise movies ranked wallpaper

The 10 best Tom Cruise movies, ranked

Tom Cruise has been in some of the most iconic movies ever. We're ranking the best of the best.
BLUETTI Easter Sale offers lots of fun with portable power on the go.

Save Big on Solar Generators and More During the Bluetti Easter Sale

During the BLUETTI Easter Sale you can save big on solar generators, portable power stations and a whole bunch of sustainable gear.
A person working alone on at a computer at a desk.

These are the pitfalls of a 4-day workweek you haven’t thought about

While there are advantages to a four-day work week, employees are still expected to deliver the same amount of production in the same number of hours.
best robert de niro movies bestdeniro taxidriver2

The 10 best Robert De Niro movies to stream right now

Robert De Niro has been one of our best actors for 50 years, and he's delivered dozens of great performances in that time.
Israel Adesanya holding the UFC Middleweight Championship belt.

3 Reasons You Need to Watch UFC 287

There are plenty of reasons to watch UFC 287: Pereira vs. Adesanya 2, but if you need some convincing, read on to see our top three reasons to tune in Saturday.
Psilocybin mushrooms.

Psychedelic mushrooms: What are they, what are they like, and what are the benefits?

If you're curious about the psychedelic mushroom experience, this guide will prepare you with everything you need to know.
best john cusack movies sayanything

Ranked: The 10 best John Cusack movies of all time

John Cusack, the 80’s loverboy of old turned dramatic actor of late, is cemented in history as a true screen talent and an overall great human being.
Letters on a Scrabble board spell out, Dad, Die and more.

Looking for games like Wordle? These fun word puzzles are just as addictive

If games like Wordle keep your brain happy, we bet you'll love these alternatives that are just as fun but different enough to keep you guessing.

Ranked: The best Will Ferrell movies

This list of the best Will Ferrell movies proves that the comedian is one of the funniest men alive.
Photo of Walter White

Someone charted Walter White’s entire Breaking Bad wardrobe, and it’s as drab as you’re imagining

Clothing is symbolic in Breaking Bad, and Walter White's outfits say a lot about him.
A mini golf course

Professional mini golf exists, and it’s exactly as weird as you want it to be

Mini golf isn't an Olympic sport — yet — but it is a professional sport that looks like kids were let loose in a sports complex and told to go crazy.
best travel documentaries on netflix midnightasia

Sate your wanderlust with the best travel documentaries and shows on Netflix

You may not be able to travel for one reason or another, but thankfully, you can travel virtually by watching the best Netflix travel shows and documentaries.
Practicing self-defense with a weapon

Protect yourself with the best self-defense weapons of 2023

Self-defense tools should be convenient to carry, easy to use, and nonlethal. Here are some of the best self-defense weapons for men in 2023.
The Simpsons

Stats prove The Simpsons really has gotten much worse over the years

The Simpsons is an iconic show, but there's undeniable proof it has dipped in quality.
Close-up of a bunch of bullets on a table

This interesting guide shows bullets before and after impact

Whether you're a "gun person" or not, you probably know that different types of bullets look different after impact. But you might not know just how different.
how to watch march madness anywhere sports scores

SlingTV just made it easier to keep up with every March Madness game in real-time, anywhere you go

Finding it hard to keep up with March Madness scores and everything else happening in the sports world? SlingTV makes it easy - here's how.
Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan in Creed.

Every ‘Creed’ and ‘Rocky’ movie, ranked

The "Creed" and "Rocky" franchises have produced some truly great movies, and a couple that don't quite measure up. We've ranked them here.

The 30 best biographies to add to your reading list

Every man should read these best biographies at least once, all chosen because of the subject matter as well as the biographer.
best tv villains homelander

The 10 best TV villains of the 21st century

The best TV villains are scary yet thought-provoking individuals with interesting motivations
Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception.

Ranked: The best Leonardo DiCaprio movies

Leonard DiCaprio has come a long way since being a teenage heartthrob. These are the 10 best movies he's done to prove his worth as an actor.
A scary sketched Frankenstein monster.

The best horror podcasts (listen to at your own risk)

Ghost stories, real haunted places, freaky folktales, and more spine-chilling stories come to life in the best horror podcasts.
ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 OMNI cleaning floors

Easy, Intuitive Cleaning with DEEBOT T10 OMNI: Hey YIKO, Vacuum and Mop My Home

ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 OMNI offers one of the most sophisticated docking stations to date, but the entire system utilizes AI and voice commands to give you a break.
Roberto Duran II Sugar Ray Leonard 1980

Gloves up, here are the 12 best boxing matches of all time

Knockouts in 11 seconds, Muhammad Ali as the underdog, and the end of the bare-knuckle era-- here are the best boxing matches of all time.