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People on the golf course with a golf bag standing on the side.

Golfing mega sale sees clothes, shoes and accessories on sale from $10

GoingGoingGone has a huge sale on some fantastic golf clothes including big name brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Here's what you can buy today.
Nike Air Zoom close-up

Most people think LIV is good for golf: Survey

While the emergence of LIV Golf has been met with criticism and controversy, the majority of respondents view it positively.
The Insignia beverage cooler holds 130 cans.

Perfect for any man cave, this 130-can beverage cooler is $50 off

Best Buy is currently offering a beverage cooler deal on an Insignia 130-can beverage cooler, perfect for your mancave or game room.
A group of people playing a game of pickleball.

No more empty storefronts: Pickleball is (probably) coming to a mall near you

If you've never thought about going to the mall to play pickleball, we'll tell you why that's about to change.
watching movie couple popcorn

Sling TV just added these 6 new channels to its Freestream service

Sling TV just keeps adding free channels to its new streaming service, and these six new channels feature plenty of great options for audiences.
Insignia 3D Zero Gravity full body massage chair Best Buy Deal of the Day product image

Best Buy’s deal of the day is $2,400 off a full body massage chair

For a Best Buy daily deal, you can grab Insignia's 3D Zero Gravity full body massage chair for an incredible $2,400 off. Think about what you could do with it.
Jeremy Renner movie poster for The Bourne Legacy.

The best Jeremy Renner movies to watch that aren’t superhero related

Taking out his Marvel movies, these are the best films for when you're in the mood for a Jeremy Renner marathon starring this real-life superhero.
Group playing pickleball

These are the weirdest and least understood pickleball rules and regulations

Pickleball seem easy, but it’s in the specific details that things get muddy. Let's review the unusual and lesser-known pickleball rules and regulations.
how to negotiate a 4 day work week two men meeting in office

How to negotiate a 4 day workweek and improve your work-life balance today

The idea of a 4 day workweek is trending but not new. Here's how to negotiate one with your boss and get better work-life balance in the process.

The 10 coolest sci-fi weapons in TV and movie history, ranked

Sci-fi weapons like these are sure to bring viewers to an entirely different universe and state of mind!
how the writers strike saved breaking bad wp

How the 2007 writers’ strike saved ‘Breaking Bad’

Key decisions made by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan were influenced by the 2007 writers strike
The Sling TV Logo on a black background.

Sling TV just added 16 new channels to its freestream service — here they are

Did you know you can stream live TV for free? You can with Sling TV, which just added 16 new channels to its freestream service
most anticipated movies of summer 2023 indiana jones

Grab the popcorn: These are the 10 most-anticipated movies of summer 2023

From heroes to adventurers, these summer movies are sure to surprise and entertain!
Man looking at watch and drinking coffee

26 must-have things every man should own

What a man genuinely needs are items that will elevate the quality of his everyday looks and life. So, here are 26 things every man should own in 2023.
Sonny Boy

The 17 best anime series on Hulu right now

There's plenty of good anime on Hulu if you know where to look. Here are 17 of the best anime series to stream right now.

The best Matt Damon movies, ranked

Matt Damon is one of the country's great movie stars, and these are his best movies.
Sean Bean with a book

The 11 best Sean Bean performances, ranked

Sean Bean has been a part of the acting world for decades now, making a name for himself as a side character that goes out with a bang.
Cozyla smart photo frame for Mother's Day with a pink background.

These are 12 of the best gifts for the women in your life

Give the ladies in your life the perfect gift this year with ideas from this list of the best gifts for women.
The World's End (2013) movie poster of main cast drinking beer at a bar

12 best beer movies to watch with a cold one in hand

Whether it's a documentary about brewing or a tale of transporting beer across state lines, this best beer movies list has something for everyone.
Netflix logo on TV with red backlighting

Netflix’s password sharing crackdown has created a ‘cancel reaction’

The Netflix password sharing crackdown is coming to the US soon, and it's caused a 'cancel reaction' in other countries.
Screenshot from a video of an incredible helicopter rescue in Europe.

No room for error — watch as this skiing rescue pilot shows off his skills

This rescue helicopter in Europe hovers just inches from the mountainside during a daring rescue of an injured skier.
Tom and Summer in (500) Days of Summer.

The 10 best movies to fall asleep to

Nothing wrong with going back to a familiar world built within a movie you love to send you to sleep full of dreams.
must see hulu shows and movies wallpaper

4 Hulu shows and movies that are set to premiere this month

Looking for something new to watch? Of course you are! These are the absolute best tv shows and movies on Hulu right now.
Some psychedelic trippiness.

How to do psychedelics right (now that psychedelic therapy is a growing trend)

I've used psychedelics more than virtually anyone in history. Here's how to get the most out of the experience.
wes anderson star wars ai trailer wallpaper

The Galactic Menagerie is a Wes Anderson Star Wars concept we wish Disney would make

AI has allowed fans to imagine Star Wars through the eyes of Wes Anderson's filmmaking techniques
Tiger (HBO)

The 7 best golf documentaries to watch this year

Golf is full of amazing stories and after careful curation, we'd like to share the golf documentaries that tell these stories best.
must see netflix shows and movies wallpaper

4 shows and movies coming to Netflix this month (that everyone will be talking about)

Looking for something new to watch? Of course you are! These are the absolute best tv shows and movies on Netflix right now.
best succession episodes season3x8

Watch these dark comedy shows for a twisted laugh

Sometimes taboo topics that people want to avoid can be approached with a few laughs. Dark comedy upends expectations, and these are the 10 best examples.
Best new books.

The most exciting new book releases for the rest of 2023

Looking for what to put on your reading list for the rest of the year? Here are the best new book releases that you need to check out.
apple card

Apple Card just gave you one great reason to sign up (and it has nothing to do with credit)

Apple makes it easy to instantly begin earning cash back and compounding your savings. If you're going to put purchases on credit, you might as well earn money.
best dreamworks movies ranked shrek

The 10 best DreamWorks movies, ranked

The best Dreamworks movies feature great stories and legendary voice actors. We've ranked the best of them here.
Ben Stiller

The 10 best Ben Stiller movies, ranked

From Meet the Parents to Madagascar, these films show Ben Stiller at his best.
star wars cantina

Every Star Wars movie, ranked from worst to best

The "Star Wars" movies run the gamut from excellent to terrible, and we've ranked them all here.
best tv cop shows b99 wallpaper

The best cop shows you can stream, ranked

These cop shows often give a full display of the trials and tribulations of the profession.
A Haunted, scary trail

The 5 best scary movies about hiking (and the lessons you can learn from them)

These scary movies about hikers are a lot of fun for horror fans but can also teach us valuable lessons about staying safe on the trail.
A person out on the ocean fishing, about to reel in a catch.

Video: Man and great white shark compete for dinner

A group of guys got up close and personal with a great white shark while trying to snag a tuna for their meal. See if you would have stayed as calm.
The Boston skyline

Climate change is real: These 4 locations had record temperatures this winter

Climate change is real, and these well-known cities have had record-high temperatures this winter as a result.
Ben Affleck in Argo.

The 10 best Ben Affleck movies, ranked

In our list of the best Ben Affleck movies, this versatile actor shows off his unique combination of smarm and charm.
Solgaard sustainable brand

The 11 best sustainable brands for Earth Day (and every day)

Our list of the best sustainable brands for Earth Day includes home, fashion, and travel gear that's practical, stylish, and beneficial to the environment.
An overhead shot of a group of people all reaching for something on a table that has pot smoking items on it.

420: This is the real origin of the haziest day of the year

April 20th has taken on a great significance to those for whom pot is prized. Let's see if we can smoke out what's behind the 420 meaning.
best beards on tv obi wan beard

The best beard styles for men, according to iconic TV characters

Join us as we examine the different styles of beards and facial hair sported by TV characters and decipher what they say about each character.
best sports documentaries young male football player on pitch  low section night

The 16 best sports documentaries of all time

From a team of misfit ballplayers to golf prodigies under 5-feet tall, these are some of the best sports documentaries of all time.
Image from The Mandalorian

10 shows like The Mandalorian to watch now

The Mandalorian is one of the biggest streaming hits today, but there are other sci-fi TV shows you'll enjoy if you are a fan of Pedro Pascal's space warrior.
Sean Evans and Shaq in Hot Ones Interview 2021

The best Hot Ones episodes: These celebs are our favorites to watch

Hot Ones is hilarious because of its simplicity and humility. Here are the best episodes to watch.
Person using Jackery portable power station outdoors while fishing.

Honor Earth Day with Jackery’s Solar Generator Pro Family

Jackery's new high-end Solar Generator Pro Family introduces the 3000 Pro and 1500 Pro, excellent solar and portable power solutions for nearly any scenario.
Disney Plus - icon

How to watch Disney Plus from almost any device

Have you signed up for Disney Plus? We've got everything you need to know about how to get started on watching things right here.
A busy city street with people everywhere

These are the happiest cities in America

If you think you might be better off in another city, check out the list of the happiest cities in America before you make your next move.
Man and woman watching Netflix

Is binge-watching a dying TV model? Experts weigh in

The decision to have your TV show stream weekly or all at once is one of the hottest topics in the industry right now. Find out what the experts have to say.
Someone about to sink a shot while golfing.

Reading this $10 book can save you thousands on golf lessons

Golf lessons are expensive, but this affordable book can actually save you thousands, and it's only about $10.
Someone hitting a badminton birdie

Weird but true: Did you know badminton shuttlecocks are calibrated? Here’s how it’s done

Have you absolutely whiffed the birdie, wondering how the heck you missed? Here's why your badminton shuttlecock might seem out to get you.