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What channel is the Super Bowl on?

Wondering how to watch Super Bowl 2023? There are quite a few ways, it turns out

It’s Super Bowl season, people. The stage is set, with the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Philadelphia Eagles on February 12th. You may have the big screen and all the requisite Super Bowl appetizers, but do you have the right channel?

Fortunately, as a sporting event gobbled up by the masses, gaining access to a good live feed of the big game is not a problem. Here’s what you need to know.

What channel is Super Bowl LVII going to be on?

Super Bowl LVII will be aired on FOX. Those with a television of some kind shouldn’t need more than a power supply and maybe a pair of bunny ears to get the feed. Streamers can catch the game on the FOX app, FOX Sports and FOX Deportes, or the NFL network. Most of the streaming services are carrying the game too, like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and Sling TV. If you’re feeling cheap, sign up for a free trial from a service like FuboTV and cancel before they start hitting you with monthly fees. The game is set to start at 6:30 p.m. ET, with coverage beginning as early as 12:00 p.m. ET.

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This is good intel as the vast majority of us won’t be lucky enough to get Super Bowl tickets. While we highly suggest viewing the game, you might not have the schedule to devote a half day to the game or opt to multitask while it’s on. You can listen via NFL Game Pass and Sirius XM NFL Radio, among others. Countless online sports sites will be streaming live updates as well. And who knows, maybe you’re so superstitious you can’t watch at all.

The championship game comes after all kinds of drama this year in the NFL. Tom Brady just retired (again), the Bills had a player collapse due to a heart attack and make a miraculous recovery, and the Chicago Bears are still terrible. We witnessed Black quarterbacks have incredible seasons (two are facing off in the Super Bowl, by the way), and the Jaguars actually made the playoffs.

There are some cool subplots within the Super Bowl unfolding already. For example, for the first time ever, two brothers will be playing each other in the big game (Jason and Travis Kelce). Kansas City coach Andy Reid is taking on his old team, which may feel a little awkward. And what stars will join Rihanna on stage during what promises to be an outstanding halftime performance?

The fanfare begins early, as it always does, with both teams setting up shop in Arizona a week before the game. It’s part of an airy, seven-day stretch of interviews, changing odds on who will win the game, training, and players showing off their fashionable sides, a bit like the tunnel walk in the NBA. The week adds to the hype around the game, as well as a few more plot twists to the overall story.

There are sure to be viewing parties all over the country and beyond, where local fans will be eager to take it all in. Check out the game at your favorite sports bar if that’s your thing (and do so safely, people), or just lounge around at home in your favorite leisurewear and pull the game up on your big screen, tablet, or phone. You and roughly 100 million other Americans will be doing just that.

Are you ready for the game? We’ve got tips on bowl-friendly snacks, drinks, BBQ, and even the best Super Bowl halftime performances of all time. Come February 12, you’ll be set to see who takes home the Vince Lombardi Trophy in style, fully nourished and ready to be entertained.

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